Supervising Foresters and the Unlicensed Individuals they Supervise

Chapter 90 of the Forester Rules provides for a registration system for foresters who supervise unlicensed individuals in the practice of forestry.

The following foresters currently supervise the listed unlicensed individuals:

John W. Ackley (LF940) supervises Tom Hall, Joseph P. Kennedy, Eric Mance and Norman Parent

Nicholas Baser (LF 3519) supervises Bryan Bosse, Christian Guimont, Zachary Lowry, Kyle Stevens,
Scott Stevens and Nalbert Tero

Robert Burke (LF527) supervises Jacob Weber

Jason Castonguay (LF3488) supervises Dustin McKinnon-Kelly and Reggie Rideout

Michael Charnick (LF 3537) supervises Dwayne Achey

Thomas Coleman (LF3820) supervises Noah Coogan

Martin Curnan (LF3825) supervises Stephanie Phillips

Thomas Fox (LF3912) supervises James Hutton

Leigh Hoar (LF3300) supervises Jeremy Clark

Richard Jones (LF733) supervises Jason Tome

Robert Kilpatrick (LF 3134) supervises Harrison Kilpatrick

Paul Larrivee Jr. (LF 3306) supervises Nathan A. Gould

Mary McDonald (LF 976) supervises Lyman Feero and Stephanie Phillips

James O'Malley (LF1014) supervises Valerie Bouchard and John Saucier

Charles Moreno (LF2000) supervises Nicholas Lanzer

Patricia Quinn (LF 3151) supervises Sierra Giraud and Jordan Weaknecht

Eric Therriault (LF3672) supervises Jonathan A. Tyler

Mark Vannah (LF 1098) supervises Nolan Steele

Christopher White (LF3584) supervises Rory McGuire and Dean Morgan

Andrew Wopat (LF3747) supervises Raymond Ary and Kevin Erickson


Click HERE to download the registration form used to report supervision of an unlicensed individual to the Board of Licensure of Foresters.

Click HERE to view Rule Chapter 90.

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Last Updated: March 20, 2019