Important Reminder

Recently, the Board of Licensure of Foresters has noted an increase in the number of consumer complaints that may have been avoided if the forester had written confirmation with the client regarding the scope of the project, anticipated time of completion, and overall cost of the forestry services to be provided.

The Board reminds licensees that Chapter 100 (Code of Ethics) of the Board's rules establishes a licensee's obligations to clients and as it relates to the issue above remind licensees of the requirements of Sections 4 and 6:

4. Fee Disclosure

Prior to providing services, a forester shall disclose all direct and indirect costs or obligations of the services to be provided. This disclosure shall include the rates, commissions and methods by which compensation shall be calculated and any estimate of the overall cost of the services to be provided. In the event that written confirmation of the scope of duties is provided pursuant to subsection 6 below, the fee disclosure required by this paragraph shall be included in the written confirmation. If circumstances cause the fee estimate to become significantly inaccurate, the forester shall consult the client and convey a revised estimate to the client as soon as practicable thereafter.

6. Written confirmation

A forester must offer to provide written confirmation to the client of the duties to be performed by the forester for the client prior to commencing work on a project unless the project is to be completed within seven (7) days of the forester's acceptance of the assignment. This written confirmation must set forth with reasonable certainty the scope of the project, any fee disclosure required under subsection 4 above, and the anticipated time of completion.

Last Updated: May 29, 2018