Future correspondence from the Elevator and Tramway Safety Program will be sent to you by email, so please be sure to keep your contact information current. Follow this link to verify your contact information.

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Emailed Licenses

Individual Elevator/Tramway licenses are now delivered to licensees via email. (Unit licenses are still distributed by First Class mail). The email sender is displayed as "noreply@maine.gov" and the subject as "YOUR OFFICIAL (license type) LICENSE IS ATTACHED". Paper licenses will NOT be mailed to individual licensees with an email address on file with the Program.
You have the opportunity to update your contact information when you renew your license online or you may update your email address and other contact information anytime here.


Follow this link to download a list of licensed Elevator Inspectors. Click on the link on the right to search for a license/permit.

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Last Updated: November 5, 2018