How to Find an Issued Permit Number Online

  1. Go the Maine Regulatory Licensing & Permitting License Search page at:
  2. Click the option Search Worksite Permits in the section Licenses and Permits
  3. Search Worksite Permits
    • Click the drop-down arrow next to Regulator and select ELECTRICIANS
    • Scroll down to Partial Street Name and enter the first five letters of the street name
    • In the City box enter the city for the permit
    • Click the Search active permits only box
    • Click Search
  4. Search Result You will receive a list of active Worksite Permits for the street and town/city that you entered. Double click the applicable worksite permit to obtain detailed information about the electrical permit. The electrical permit number is displayed both on the original search result page and on the subsequent detailed electrical permit page. The permit number begins with the prefix ELP and the current year (e.g. ELP2017)

IMPORTANT INFORMATION: As soon as the permit number is obtained online, the permit number is displayed on this webpage.