Partnership Policies Protect More Assets

Sometimes people assume they will be able to use up their assets or give them to their children in order to qualify for Medicaid (MaineCare) long-term care assistance. MaineCare has restrictions that often makes this strategy impossible.

A long-term care insurance policy that qualifies for the Partnership Program will provide increased protection from the income and asset spend-down required to qualify for MaineCare.

Treatment of Partnership Policies Under MaineCare

In determining your eligibility for MaineCare benefits, MaineCare will not take into account your assets equal to amounts paid out under a qualifying long-term insurance policy.

  • For example, if you purchase a Partnership policy and it pays out $50,000 in benefits, MaineCare will disregard $50,000 of your assets when determining your eligibility for assistance with long-term care costs.

Additional Assistance

For more information about MaineCare eligibility contact the Office of MaineCare Services (Department of Health & Human Services) at (207)-287-2674.

Talk with your agent about whether a Partnership Program policy is right for you. Only certain types of long-term care policies qualify for the Partnership Program and the state and federal laws governing the program are subject to change. The list of policies approved for use in Maine's Long-Term Care Partnership Program can be viewed online.