*Use this Shopping Comparison Tool (Exel or PDF) to make notes as you review the various plans available to you. *

The Individual Health Insurance Market in Maine offers individuals and families many choices. Assistance is available through Brokers, Agents and Marketplace Assisters and Navigators (find one near you). Whether you get help shopping for coverage or purchase it directly on your own, the Shopping Comparison Tool, above, will help you think through your needs and compare your options.

Go to Healthcare.gov to shop and enroll in coverage.

Be sure to purchase your coverage through the Healthcare.gov site if you qualify for a subsidy. Subsidies cannot be applied to plans purchased directly from one of the insurance companies.

Here are some additional tools provided by the Bureau to help you do your homework:

  • Rate calculator - use it to sort out the plans available to you based on your zip code. Note: the premiums in the Rate Calculator do not reflect any tax credits you may receive.
  • Cost-sharing - this page provides information about the “metal levels" that the plans are divided into and what goes into cost-sharing.
  • Types of Health Coverage - defines the different types plans and the types of provider networks they offer.
  • Benefits - a list of the "10 Essential Health Benefits" that must be covered by all ACA plans, regardless of which metal level or plan you choose.
  • Health, Disability and Long-Term Care Insurance Complaint Comparison - this tool provides data on the rate of consumer complaints received by some of the companies selling individual health insurance in Maine.