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Licensee Discipline

Producer, adjuster, consultant, agency, and insurance company diciplinary actions listed alphabetically.

>Licensee Discipline by Docket Number

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Licensee Discipline Listed Alphabetically
Name HTML (Docket)
Alessi, Domini INS-14-217 - PDF
Allison, Grant


American Trade Association (Final Cease & Desist)


American Trade Association (Emergency Cease & Desist)


Appell, Adam D.


Bankers Life & Casualty Co, Timothy E. Farren, Matthew F. Juliano, L. Eugene Gagnon

Barnes, TaSheanna INS-12-245
Battle, George R.


Black, Dustin W.


Boothby, Dennis P.


Bradford, Shaheed INS-14-215 - PDF
Brewer, Cindy INS-12-229 - PDF
Campbell, Greg J INS-14-208 - PDF
Campbell, Skyler INS-14-223 - PDF
Chute, Jeannie M. INS-12-218 - PDF
Chute, Jeannie Marie INS-13-205 - PDF
Cid, Emanuel Francisco

INS 12-205

Cinergy Health, Inc. and Guarantee Trust Life Insurance Company INS 10-221 & -10-224
Cooper, Paul R., Jr.

INS 11-224

CostaConroy, LLC , Nicholas E. Costa, and Joseph P. Conroy

INS 08-302 and INS 09-209

Cunningham, Janetta Gail INS 12-211
Doyon, Kevin W.

INS 04-226

Doyon, Kevin W.

INS 04-226

Drohan, Stephen J INS-10-245
Durling, Christopher INS 12-208
Dyer, Paul A.

INS 08-215

Dyer, Paul A.

INS 08-215

Dyer, Paul A. - Amended

INS 08-215

Dyer, Paul A INS 09-217 - PDF
Dyer, Paul A. on Remand INS 09-217 Remand - PDF
Ellis, Sean Michael

INS 11-237

Farber, Howard

INS 10-211

Farnham, Mark


Ferrel, Richard C. INS-12-231 - PDF
Gagnon, Zachary A.

INS 02-783

Gahagan, Jeffrey M. INS-12-236
George, Joseph John INS 12-206
Alicia Goodman INS-14-210 - PDF
David Goodman INS-14-211- PDF
Guarantee Trust Life Insurance Company  and Cinergy Health, Inc.

INS 10-221 & -10-224

Hancock, Michael L.

INS 00-3041

Hite, David W.

INS 04-505

Hoffert , Casey L.

INS 10-229

Hybrid Insurance Agency, LLC of Hartford, Connecticut INS-13-216 - PDF
Ippolito, Michael P.
INS-12-220 - PDF
Jackson, Josh INS-14-220 - PDF
Jalbert, Catherine B.

INS 07-500

Johns, Shawn Ronald INS-07-202
Johnson, David C. INS 12-210
Joyce, Norma INS-14-204 - PDF
Juliano, Matthew F., Bankers Life & Casualty Co, Farren, Timothy E., Gagnon Eugene L. INS-09-212, -09-201, -09-213, -10-203 - PDF
Kozlowski, Matthew
INS-14-205 - PDF
Laux, Jan Kenneth

INS 10-235

Lillybridge, Michael

INS 04-503

Lombard, Krissy Dream

INS 07-401

Losse, Trevor D.

INS 08-300

Lott, Kenneth Earl Jr. INS-12-237 - PDF
Marshall, Irene A.

INS 07-400

McKinnon, Justin INS-13-214 - PDF
Mehta , Rupa


Merritt, Jason E.

INS 04-504

Montano, Phillip INS-13-211 -- PDF
Moreno , Ariel Ivan

INS 11-219

Pierce, Claudine INS-14-219 -- PDF
Nava, Michael

INS 11-231

Nelson, Kevin J. INS-12-207 - PDF
New England Guaranty Inc. Co. INS 10-233 & INS 10-234 -- PDF
Newkirk, Timothy W.
Nutter, Irene M.
O'Garro, Earl O. INS-13-215 - PDF
Painter, Jason A.

INS 11-201

Palmer, George A.
Patriot Insurance Agency, Inc.

INS 11-205

Patterson, James W. INS 12-209
Payne, Gary John

INS 04-506

Pena, Jorge Alberto
Penta, Jeffrey Douglas INS 12-244
Philbrook, James A. INS-13-219 - PDF
Piotrowski, Christina INS-14-221 - PDF
Pribil, John W. INS-13-213 - PDF
Quadrant Insurance Services LLC

INS 11-222

Ragland, Tina M.

INS 11-208

Renison, Thomas D. INS-13-217 - PDF
Richard, Paul E. (Amended)

INS 08-305

Richard, Paul E.

INS 08-305

Richwalder, John Patrick

INS 05-500

Robbins, Marc R INS 12-241
Root, Nicky Joe

INS 11-226

Rulman, Cynthia Ann

INS 04-502

Russell, Redonda INS-14-212 - PDF
Rutstein, David B INS-11-204
Rykard, Carl L., Jr. INS-11-220
Sages, Allan INS-14-213 - PDF
St. Hilaire, Antoinette P.

INS 06-500

Santos, Mark Patrick INS-12-228 - PDF
Shelton, Richard L.


Steuk , Robert L.

INS 07-501

Stiles, Staci

INS 09-210

Thornley , Johnna K

INS 11-223

Tlachac, Steven INS-10-228
Tubbs, Kenneth


Union Mutual Fire Insurance Co.

INS 10-233 & INS 10-234 -- PDF

United States Contractors Trust, Real Benefits Association, Metropolitan Business Alliance, LLC (d/b/a National Association of Business Leadership), and Access Health Now INS-12-216
Valenti, Anthony INS-14-218 - PDF
Verplancken, Pete A.

INS 06-200

Walls, Richard H.

INS 02-782

Walsh, Daniel Edmund

INS 10-241

Warner, Glenwood F.

INS 00-3040

Watts, Benjamin T. INS-08-303
Whitaker, Beverly J. INS-12-240


Last Updated: July 10, 2014