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Department of Professional and Financial Regulation
State of Maine

Certificate of Dissolution
BTC Legacy Corp.,
formerly known as Border Trust Company


On November 15, 2012,  Border Bancshares, Inc., the sole shareholder of BTC Legacy Corp., formerly known as Border Trust Company, filed an application with the Maine Superior Court to voluntarily liquidate BTC Legacy Corp. pursuant to 9-B MRSA § 364.   On July 3, 2013, after passage of the Claims Bar Date, the Maine Superior Court (Cumberland County, Docket No. BCD-CV-13-06) issued the Distribution and Dividend Order in the matter of BTC Legacy Corp.  Thereafter, by Decree of Dissolution and Related Relief dated September 23, 2013, the Maine Superior Court (Cumberland County, Business and Consumer Docket No. BCD-CV-13-06) decreed that BTC Legacy Corp. shall be dissolved as of the date of the Decree and further decreed that all claims against BTC Legacy Corp. are disallowed and forever barred.

Therefore, I cause the charter of BTC Legacy Corp. to be canceled and this trust company to cease to exist.

By order of the Superintendent, effective October 7, 2013.

                                                                                    Lloyd P. LaFountain III



Gardiner, Maine
October 7, 2013



Last Updated: December 3, 2015