Maine HAF: Servicer and Creditor Information

The Maine Bureau of Consumer Credit Protection is administering Maine’s Homeowner Assistance Fund (the "Maine HAF”) program, which will make grants of funds provided by the United States Department of the Treasury, as authorized by section 3206 of the American Rescue Plan Act of 2021.

These grants will be provided to help homeowners experiencing financial hardships resulting from the coronavirus pandemic. Such hardships may include payments due on mortgages, municipal property taxes, utility and heating costs, and homeowner’s insurance.

Below, please find:

  1. The Maine HAF’s servicer collaboration agreement (PDF), including (on the final pages) a copy of the third-party authorization that will be provided to consumer applicants. Please return the completed Maine HAF Collaborative Agreement to us at; and
  2. A link to Maine's Vendor Self Service Portal, allowing you to establish or update your account with the State of Maine’s accounting system. All servicers, utilities, and other entities that wish to participate in the Maine HAF Program must register as vendors with the State of Maine in order to receive payments under the program. If your organization already has a vendor number with the State of Maine, please provide it when submitting the Maine HAF Collaborative Agreement to the Bureau, or as soon as otherwise possible.

Click Here (PDF) to view the State of Maine's HAF Plan and program terms sheets.

Common Data File (CDF)

The Maine HAF Program participates in use of the Common Data File (“CDF”) to facilitate standardized communication and efficient information exchange between the program and mortgage loan servicers to serve HAF-assisted homeowners. For information regarding CDF exchanges with the Maine HAF Program, please email

Please make every effort to provide this information as soon as possible. We are currently working with our software provider to load this information into our system, which will simplify the application process for Maine homeowners and for the non-profit housing counselors who will be assisting those homeowners.

If you have questions, please contact us at or (207) 624-8527.