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File Freeze Information

Maine’s file freeze law permits FREE freezing and unfreezing of credit reports!

Maine consumers have the right to place a free file freeze on their credit reports with each of the three major credit reporting agencies: Equifax, Experian and Trans Union.  The simplest (and most highly recommended) way to place a file freeze is by telephone. You can also freeze your files by visiting the credit reporting agencies’ secure websites, or by making your request(s) in writing to each agency. 

Below please find the specific file freeze contact information for each agency:

Equifax: 1-800-349-9960*

PO Box 105069
Atlanta, GA  30348

Experian: 1-888-397-3742*

PO Box 4500
Allen, TX  75013

Trans Union: 1-888-909-8872*

Trans Union
PO Box 2000
Chester, PA  19016

*UPDATE (September 13, 2017): Maine consumers report being unable to get through to the credit reporting agencies by phone or website. It's likely that the magnitude of the Equifax breach nationwide (143 million consumers) is overwhelming the companies’ lines. We recommend that Maine consumers periodically continue trying the phone numbers and websites listed. Some consumers report success using the website late in the evening or early in the morning. If you have tried all methods including mailing, but are unable to freeze your credit reports, file a written complaint online with our office (, then under “Consumer Tools” select “File a Complaint”).

When you call, you will be connected to an automated service, and you will be asked to provide certain personal information. If you use the websites, the on-line service will also require you to disclose personal information. And if you write, you should provide the credit reporting agency with a signed letter, specifically asking for your file to be frozen due to Maine’s new file freeze law—and within that letter, you should list your Social Security number, date of birth, and your Maine mailing and street addresses also include a copy of your Maine driver's license or other Government ID and a copy of a utility bill with your home address.

Within a couple of weeks, each credit reporting agency will mail to you a letter containing your unlock code. Access to your credit report can be unlocked and relocked using that code. Your file freeze will remain in effect until you direct the credit reporting agency to unlock your file, either temporarily or permanently.

There is no fee for locking or unlocking your credit file under Maine law.

Click here to download a pdf version of a brochure on Credit Bureaus and Credit Scores.

If you are a Maine consumer and you believe the credit reporting agencies are not complying with their legal requirements, write to us and we will contact those companies on your behalf. You may reach us at: Bureau of Consumer Credit Protection, SHS 35, Augusta ME 04333-0035; Toll Free for Maine residents only: 1-800-DEBT-LAW (1-800-332-8529);