Staff Directory

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Employee Position Phone
Linda Conti Acting Superintendent 207-624-8527
Vacant Deputy Superintendent 207-624-8527
Mark E. Susi Staff Attorney 207-624-8527
Kristine M. Fournier Principal Examiner - NMLS contact, Supervised Lender licensing, Loan Servicer registration, Loan Broker Licensing
Ed Myslik Principal Examiner - General Creditor registration, Consumer Complaint processing 207-624-8527
Steven Lemieux
Principal Examiner - Examination Supervisor 207-624-8527
Stephanie Roux Principal Examiner - Student Loan Ombudsman 207-624-8527
Lorna Getchell Chief Field Investigator - Foreclosure Prevention Program, Predatory lending investigations 207-624-8527
Barbara Dow Senior Examiner - Field Examinations, Employee Leasing Company Registration 207-624-8527
Rick Henry Senior Examiner - Consumer Complaints 207-624-8527
Bradley J. Hughes Senior Examiner - Field Examinations 207-624-8527
Holly Rock Senior Examiner - Field Examinations, Payroll Processor Licensing 207-624-8527
Tammie Breton Clerk IV - Collection Agency licensing, Administrative supervision; Website Maintenance 207-624-8527
Vacant Examiner - Licensing 207-624-8527
Linda Elliot Examiner - Licensing 207-624-8527
Vacant Examiner - Student Loans 207-624-8527
Jason Fuller Examiner - Field Examinations 207-624-8527
Tammy Veinott Examiner - Field Examinations 207-624-8527
Vacant Office Specialist I - Foreclosure Diversion Programs, Consumer Hotlines, Collection Agency licensing renewals 207-624-8527
Rhonda Albert Office Specialist I - Foreclosure Diversion Programs, Consumer Hotlines, ATM Initial and renewals 207-624-8527