ESS Direct Deposit


To add a new direct deposit account:

  1. Click on the Add New Direct Deposit link.
  2. Select an account type under Deduction menu.
  3. Enter the bank/transit routing number and account number.
    • If you are unsure where to find these numbers, please see the included image reference.
  4. Specify an amount or percentage.

    Note: The sequence in which you set up your accounts is critical. The direct deposit deductions are taken in the following order:

    • 1st - Savings 2
    • 2nd - Checking 2
    • 3rd - Savings 1
    • 4th - Checking 1

    Flat amounts should be used for all accounts except for your last active account in the sequence. The percentage, 100% of net, should be used only for your last active account i.e. Savings 1 or Checking 1

    .ess direct deposit


  5. Click SAVE


To update an existing direct deposit account:

  1. Click on the arrow under the Change or Inactivate column
  2. Select an account
  3. Specify a new amount or percentage or inactivate the direct deposit
  4. Click SAVE

Note:  The State of Maine requires a pre-notification, which ensures that all of the submitted information is correct.  Your actual direct deposit may not occur on the first pay cycle after the new account record is entered. Changes made during the week in which you are paid (Monday and Tuesday) will not be reflected in the current week’s paycheck.