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MSCommNet (Radio Network)graphic of MSCommNet logo with radio tower

MSCommNet is the Maine State Communications Network.  Maine State Government developed and commissioned a unified statewide land mobile radio network for State law enforcement, public safety, and public service agencies in 2015.

Operability.  MSCommNet provides state of the art land mobile radio communications for Maine State Government agencies: the Maine State Police/Department of Public Safety; Game Wardens/Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife; Forest Rangers/Department of Agriculture, Conservation, & Forestry; Marine Patrol/Department of Marine Resources; Maine Emergency Management Agency (MEMA); the Department of Environmental Protection; and others, excepting MDOT. 

Interoperability.  MSCommNet provides for interoperability with public safety partners through a new “RegionNet” service available for all municipal, county, tribal, adjacent State, and Federal public safety agencies.

MSCommNet RegionNet map - in PDF (Final As-Built version - 1 November 2014)

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