State of Maine Conferencing Capabilities

Teleconferencing (Audio) Pricing Structure

Teleconferencing involves the interconnection of multiple telephones. There are two options available for state employess to utlize:

  1. Conference call from desk phone - no additional cost.
  2. Conference call using the state's chosen vendor, Premier Global, at additional cost. This method is used when the audience is greater than your desk phone's capabiltiy for conferencing.

Video Conferencing - Instructions & Pricing Structure

Within the State of Maine, many agencies utilize interactive video conferencing between agencies and entities outside Maine State government. Interactive video conferencing involves the use of specialized equipment to see and hear people at multiple sites in real time.

Web Conferencing - Instructions & Pricing Structure

OIT offers a web enabled conferencing solution that is available to state agencies at no additional cost. Through OIT’s current Juniper Network Access product, state employees are able to utilize two types of web conferencing; Instant Meeting and Secure Meeting.

OIT has a contract with Premiere Global ( to deliver Web Conferencing Services to all state agencies. Premiere Global offers several different levels of Web Conferencing services that should meet all state agencies needs.