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Hosting Services: Services that provide agencies with a variety of secure and reliable technology platforms on which to run systems and application software designed/purchased to best enable their agency's mission; including Windows, Unix, Oracle and Virtual Hosting services for applications and data storage and retrieval.

Summary of Hosting Services offered:

Active Directory - ADFS/LDAP/Authentication Services

Remote Desktop Services: allow a business unit to contract with OIT to deliver a customized suite of desktop applications to users without those users each needing the applications installed on their own workstation. Using central servers, Citrix Services facilitate the delivery of applications.

Document Management (DocuWare): DocuWare is a computerized document management system that electronically captures, stores, and organizes documents and information. The documents and information is stored on network servers allowing any user with the correct security access to view the files from anywhere on our network. DocuWare includes tools to organize, sort, index, and search for documents and information.

Enterprise Backup/Recovery: these service consists of backups/restores for customer data, applications, servers, and databases residing within the Executive Branch on the State of Maine network onto a secure tape systems. In the case of an event that causes loss of data, these copies can be used to restore the data, applications, servers, and databases to the last available backup.

Enterprise Storage: these service consists of centrally located secure storage hardware that is tuned and presented to centrally managed servers, application software’s and individual workstations (clients) as network attached drives.  This service is offered to the Executive Branch.

File and Print: This service provides shared (networked) printing and centralized file storage and retrieval for networked workstations. Files may be set up to be accessed by one or many users.

Footprints: FootPrints is a web based service management application for managing service desks and automating business processes. Footprints can integrate with a wide variety of other business software which allows automation across many different processes.

Internet Information and Web Services: This service provides centralized hardware and software required to establish and maintain internet and intranet web sites.

Move-IT Secure File Transfer:The State of Maine uses MoveIT DMZ Enterprise from Ipswitch. Move-it allows for FTPS (ftp over explicit SSL) and SFTP (ftp over SSH) connections. In addition to the secure transmission of data, the data is stored securely on the server using its own folder and file structure making it independent of the operating systems' file system. Move-it DMZ has the capability for secure messaging and allows the ability to use active directory to authenticate clients. Data transmission is done either by using the ftp protocol or by the web using HTTPS. The first method requires the client to have ftp software. The latter method allows the client to connect using any web browser.

Oracle Services: This service consists of a combination of centrally managed hardware and Oracle database(s) and applications that houses and controls server and application software and common (networked) database(s) and supplies it to the individual workstations (clients).

SharePoint Hosting: SharePoint is one of the leading information sharing tools. This offering provides a cost-effective way for any agency regardless of size to set up a collaborative environment that allows employees to share information and resources seamlessly. SharePoint Services is the top choice for businesses who want centralized workspaces to share information and track activities.

SQL Enterprise: Users' databases reside on central dedicated shared servers in a controlled physical environment with fully managed updates, maintenance, storage, backup and disaster recovery services. Note: Users with larger scale or multi user databases need this Enterprise level service instead of the lower level (SQL Express) which is designed for small scale databases

SQL Express Service is intended for small databases that do not require the level of support standard for full SQL Enterprise databases. These databases reside on servers in a controlled physical environment with managed updates, maintenance, storage, normal network file backup and disaster recovery services, but they do not benefit from extended service hours coverage, technical support or real time mirroring.

Unix Server service offers secure Unix application and data hosting. for Linux, Sun and HP with fully managed updates, maintenance, storage, backup and disaster recovery services.

Virtual Hosting: Existing physical servers can be relocated into a virtual environment and new servers can be initiated there. Because one physical machine can hold multiple virtual servers, Virtual Servers are less expensive, faster and more efficient to maintain than physical servers.

Windows Servers: This service consists of a combination of centrally managed hardware and Windows based software that houses and controls server and application software and common (networked) data and supplies it to the individual workstations (clients), and provides shared services (access to internet or other networks, faxing, printing, etc.).

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