Microsoft Licensing

Updated 5/8/2018

Agencies have defined license counts for the following commitment period and billing will be monthly based on that license count for the commitment period. This license count will be used to define how many licenses MaineIT

purchases from our vendor.

Additional employees can be added and will be pro-rated for the partial year.

Employee Change Billing Change
Employee leaves mid-year None – billing stays the same for 12 months
Employee joins mid-year
  • If a net new employee, billing will be pro-rated for the license selected.
  • If this employee is a replacement for someone who has left, the vacated license can be transferred to the new employee, if they are on the same license package.
  • If the replacement employee moves to a different license tier, it would be counted as a net new user.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is it possible for an Agency to have month-to-month rather than annual accounts for O365?

A: No, the cost is a pre-purchased license expense by MaineIT, and is being passed through to the Agencies.

Q: How will subscription management be handled? Who, will manage the expirations/renewals?

A: The MaineIT Windows Server Group will manage subscription counts by department. Many departments separate their billings and budget by bureaus or divisions. Departments will need to keep the number of licenses needed based on individual bureau or divisions when it is required for billing and budget purposes.

Q: What is the process to transfer a subscription from one staff to another?

A: An Agency will indicate, in the User Request ticket, who the new employee is replacing. The vacated license will be available for the new user to claim.


State of Maine – Microsoft 365 License Options 2020-2021

Features G3 Kiosk Shared Mailbox
Plan 2
AD Only
Operating System Windows 10 Windows 10 No No
Browser IE 11 IE 11 No No
Active Directory Included Included No Included
Mailbox Size 100 Gigabytes 2 Gigabytes, Email through Office 365 Online 100 Gigabytes No
Unlimited Archive with Legal Hold Included Included Included No
Email Encryption Included, automatic, rules based Included No No
File Print Included Yes (No Home Drive) No Yes (No Home Drive)
SharePoint Included Included No No
Office Suite

Office 365 - Outlook, Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint, Publisher, OneNote, OneDrive, Skype

Office 365 Online Only – Word Online, Outlook Online, Excel Online, PowerPoint Online, OneDrive Online, OneNote Online No No
Office Online Included


Included No No
Instant Messaging Skype for Business 2016 Included in Office 365 Online No No
OneDrive Included Included in Office 365 Online No No
OneDrive Storage 5 Terabytes 2GB No No
Mobile, InTune Included, up to 5 devices Included, licensing for one mobile device No No
Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) Included Included No No
Devices Up to 15 devices (5 phones, 5 tablets, 5 desktop/ laptops) Licensing for one desktop/laptop and one mobile device No No