Remote Access EMail for Exchange Online Users

The Office of Information Technology for the State of Maine has changed the way that remote users access webmail. As of the move to Office 365, Exchange Online, our messaging users outside the state network can access their State of Maine mailbox without the need to connect to the Juniper VPN or the State’s Wide Area Network. Webmail is available via the internet by browsing to and entering your State of Maine email address, Active Directory Password and RSA Passcode.

This process requires an Office 365 licensed, email enabled Active Directory account and RSA SecureID.

  • For help please contact the OIT helpdesk at 624-7700

    Note: If you are logging in from the state network on a shared computer workstation that has a generic login account, you may encounter difficulty logging in to your outlook web mail. This is due to an internet explorer configuration setting. If you experience these issues, please contact customer support (624-7700).

Accessing State email from outside the State network requires RSA SecurID.

Remote Access Credentials
Username: Jane.Doe
Passcode: RSA SecurID PIN and/or Passcode

Internal Network Credentials
Domain\Username: SOM\Jane.Doe or MDPS\Jane.Doe
Password: Password