Juniper User Guide (for Non-State Employees)

Enter and hit enter


Juniper Screenshot

Once the Juniper welcome screen appears you should go to File, send, shortcut to desktop. This will create a shortcut on your desktop to the Juniper Welcome screen

Enter your SecurID User Name

Enter Your PIN & Passcode from your SecurID Card( on the secureID Pin/Passcode line)

Juniper Screenshot


The secure gateway home page provides secure access to state content, resources and services. It enables you to perform tasks through a secure connection from remote sites. You will see connection to servers or application on this screen Depending on what you need access to.


Juniper Screenshot

1. Accessing Applications Using the Windows Secure Application Manager

If your administrator specifies the use of WSAM, you cannot configure applications yourself. Your administrator configures all applications for you.

Starting an Application

To start an application using the Windows Secure Application Manager ,

  1. Do one of the following:
    • Using the Windows Secure Application Manager via the secure gateway home page:
      1. On the secure gateway home page, click the Start button next to the Windows Secure Application Manager entry in the Client Application Sessions panel
      2. To access the Secure Application Manager window, double-click the following Secure Application Manager icon on the taskbar:
        Secure Application Manager Icon
  2. On the Session tab of the Secure Application Manager window, verify that the Status field indicates Connected .
  3. Start any of the applications listed on the Session tab that you want to use during your remote session.

2. Logging out

•  Before closing your browser window, click the Sign Out link in the top right of the secure gateway home page or click the exit button in the browsing toolbar.

•  Delete any files that you download to a machine other than your personal computer. When choosing files to download, keep in mind that even after emptying the recycle bin, data remains on the hard drive.

3. Troubleshooting

1) Q: When I type it says the page can't be displayed

A: Verify you have an internet connection

A: Make sure your tying the correct address in the browser

2) Q: When I enter my SecurID card information (user name and passcode) it keeps telling me "invalid username or password

A: Verify what you are using for your user name is your SecurID card user ID, i.e.. ou..

A: Verify that you're entering your 4 digit pin followed by the numbers on your card, token code.

A: Call the helpdesk (624-7700) and have them check/reset your card

3)  Q: Why do I get a blank page when I type an address in the Juniper address bar

A: You need to minimize your Juniper session if you want to browse the internet outside the state network