Juniper Web Conferencing Instructions

OIT offers a web enabled conferencing solution that is available to state agencies at no additional cost. Through OIT's SSL VPN product, Juniper, state employees are able to utilize web conferencing to conduct meetings.

With a securID card - Log in to Juniper at:

If you’re on the state WAN you can use

  • Click on the Meetings button.

Juniper Screen


  • Select New Meeting or Instant Meeting
    • New meeting allows you to set up the meeting ahead of time

Juniper Screen


  • Enter a meeting name in the Name area.
  • Change the default password to something simpler in the Meeting Password area.
  • Configure the date information for the start date, time, and duration of your meeting.  It is possible to create a recurring meeting at this point.


Juniper Screen


  1. Click on your name in the Invitees window.
  2. Click Set Email

Juniper Screen

Enter your email address in the box provided and then click OK.


Juniper Screen


Add users email address in the “Add other Users” box

Click add

The users name will appear in the Invitees window


Juniper Screen


Click Finish.

You’ll receive an email that can be forwarded to your invitee group as well if you don’t want to add them individual in the Add other Users box

Sample Meeting Invite Email

You have been invited to join an online Secure Meeting. Information about the meeting follows:

Meeting Details
Date: February 24, 2009
Time: 8:19 AM (GMT-05:00) Eastern Time (US & Canada); Indiana (East), Bogota, Lima, Quito
Duration: 15 minutes
Attendee URL:
Password: Password123
Conductor: shawn.l.hembree

Agenda and Teleconferencing Information

Is Your System Compatible?
To check if your system is able to join Secure Meetings, click the link below. It will verify your system's compatibility:

As the conductor, you must join the meeting using the Conductor URL:

Note: You can easily copy/paste the above into calendar invitations or emails you send to attendees.

Note:  The conductor has a special link to follow as indicated above.  That is the link you will follow to start the meeting.


Juniper Screen


Click on start Meeting.

Juniper Screen


You’ll see the meeting window with the list of attendees


Juniper Screen


Click on the Sharing button to start sharing your desktop or selected applications.

  1. Select the desired application by placing a check mark in the appropriate box, or in the event that you want to share your entire desktop, place a check mark in Share Desktop and All Applications.
  2. When ready, click Share.


Juniper Screen


When you are finished with your meeting, left click on Meeting at the top, and then End Meeting.