eGov (or eGovernment) Services, Office of the CIO

eGov Services leads and coordinates planning, architecture, standards, accessibility, policy-making, awareness and training to ensure unified and appropriate electronic government services to customers and clients. It also leads the coordination and integration of statewide agency business plans with the delivery of electronic services; externally to the citizens of Maine and the general public, and internally to State employees and agencies. E-Government Services works with the InforME Board in managing the award winning portal. portal

In 1998, the Maine State Legislature enacted the InforME Electronic Access to Public Information Act, which called for the creation of a public/private long-term partnership to build a portal network to public information. The Information Resource of Maine referred to as InforME was established to carry out this act. The Network is operated with oversight by the InforME Board, comprised of public and private members, who set policy and approve fees for InforME services. The Department of Administrative Services contracts with a private company, Maine Information Network (MIN), to provide the network managers services to serve the purposes of InforME. MIN works with the Office of the CIO to develop procedures to ensure that executive branch agencies and semiautonomous state agencies comply with standards and policies adopted by the CIO.

eGov Services

  • consults with MIN on the development of simple Statements of Work for development services
  • negotiates the terms and conditions of Service Level Agreements for fee/free services by agencies that are used in common
  • monitor development projects in the service queue
  • manages the service outage notification and response plan
  • participates in the development of the portal security plan
  • provides staff to the InforME Board

eGov Services coordinates the web presence for the State of Maine through web coordinators. The State Web Standards require each agency to designate one primary individual who will serve as the coordinators of all website activities for the agency, including ensuring that all state web standards and policies are met. The website coordinator will be the main point of contact for both the OCIO and InforME, will be responsible for the agency's Web Management Plan, and will be responsible for keeping the agency's listings in the Webmaster Directory up to date. Agencies may also designate sub-coordinators for bureaus, divisions, and programs as desired.

eGov Related Policies and Standards:

  1. Remote Hosting Policy
  2. Web Accessibility Policy for the State of Maine
  3. Website Acceptance Policy
  4. Domain Name Management Policy
  5. Procedure for Agencies Requesting Domain Names
  6. Procedure for Counties and Municipalities Requesting Domain Names
  7. Standard for the Use of Domain Names
  8. Maine State Web Standards

Areas of eGov Services involvement:

The ever changing climate of technology demands constant re-examination of services delivered and desired by both citizens and agencies. To that end, eGov Services is involved in or manages the following endeavors, due to new InforME contractual obligations or increased interest by parties within the State.

  • Blogs/wikis
  • Streaming Video/audio
  • Content Management
  • GIS
  • Web Drop Box
  • Web Trend analysis

The Executive Order is effective January 6, 2005

E-government Web Services - The Chief Information Officer and the CIO Council are charged with the authority and responsibility for identifying and coordinating one-stop services or similar services that can be provided to clients from a minimum of service points. The Chief Information Officer and InforME will develop accessible web service templates that all departments will utilize to ensure unified and appropriate electronic government services to customers and clients.