O I T Accessibility

ICT Accessibility Testing

Accessibility testing is the testing of Information and Communication Technology (ICT), specifically electronic content (email, electronic documents, software, web applications, and websites), against established accessibility standards. The State of Maine requires all ICT developed, bought, or contracted by the State, for internal use and/or for external use, to meet minimum standards (WCAG 2.0 Level AA). ICT procured through a vendor has the option of having the testing being completed by the state, the vendor themselves, or a third party. All test documentation must be submitted through a state agency representative.

State Testing

The OIT Accessibility Testing Team has adopted the DHS Trusted Tester process external link for the testing of web and desktop applications. Electronic documents are tested following the AED COP guidance external link for WCAG 2.0 Level AA. State Agency websites are tested using an automated web crawler with a manual inspection by agency webmasters.

Vendor Testing

Vendor submitted tests must show a process that is at least comparable to state testing. Submitted documentation must include a statement of conformance (or non-conformance) along with a list of tools used and a summary of the testing process to verify WCAG 2.0 Level AA compliance, and / or other applicable standards. The statement must include language that manual checks were performed. It needs to be clear that criteria that can only be checked manually were checked, and manual verification was done on any questionable tool results.

Requirements for Vendor Submitted Tests

  1. A statement of conformance (including language stating that manual checks were performed).
  2. A list of the tools used.
  3. A list of the sections (pages, windows, etc.) that were checked.
  4. A high-level summary of the testing process.
  5. A completed checklist (as guidance if you are unfamiliar with the standards). The following are recommended, but other comparable documentation may be used.
    • WebAIM's WCAG 2 Checklist. Achieving Level AAA is recommended but not required.
    • Go to DHS Section 508 Compliance Test Processes and select “Harmonized Testing Process for Section 508 Compliance: Baseline Tests for Software and Web Accessibility (ver 2.0.2 | Mar 2017)”. The baseline tests are on pages 18-77, but it includes both web and software tests.
  6. A list of any compliance errors and any remaining warnings. These may not be thoroughly reviewed but documentation of nonconformant results is particularly important as it allows the purchasing agency to prepare any necessary accommodations.
  7. A complete VPAT 2.x (508 version) may be submitted in lieu of some of the previous requirements (checklist and summary) as long as the other requirements are attached or clearly met within the document.
  8. Make supporting test result documents available upon requests.

Sample Statements

The following samples are incomplete and are only meant to demonstrate acceptable submission language and materials for each requirement.

  • Company X with Product Y asserts compliance with WCAG 2.0 Level AA. We had a JAWS user, a Dragon Naturally Speaking user, and a switch user navigate the site and complete forms without assistance. None of them reported significant trouble. Tables were navigated successfully, and form error messages were understood and the forms completed without users reporting issues. Color contrast was verified manually during development. The required checklist is attached.

    The following tools were used:

    • JAWS 18
    • Dragon Professional v15
    • WebAIM Color Contrast Checker
    • etc.

    The following pages and documents were checked:

    • Home page
    • Record ABC page
    • Inventory Details PDF
    • etc.
  • Company R with Product S asserts compliance with WCAG 2.0 Level AA. We followed the DHS Trusted Tester process on the attached list of pages and all results not listed as DNA were compliant. See the attached report for specifics.

  • Company A with Product B asserts partial compliance with WCAG 2.0 Level AA. We followed the WebAIM WCAG 2.0 checklist using the WAVE toolbar and the aXe browser extension with manual inspection when necessary. Manual inspection included color contrast, multimedia caption and audio description, audio transcript, and equivalent keyboard access. See the attached document for a list of non-compliant issues.