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Website Standards

The Web Standards provided guidance and specifications to ensure Maine 's state websites present a professional, user-friendly, integrated portal to state information and services, and are accessible to the broadest possible audience. The main areas addressed are:

  • header: All pages of websites will display the standard header that easily establishes the site as part of the State of Maine website, provides links to the state agency index, web policies, online services, and the home page.
  • Design Templates: In order to provide a consistent layout and style across the entire enterprise, agencies are required to use the website design templates provided by InforME
  • Style Guide: This document provides the detailed specifications of the design templates and instructions for using them.
  • Approved Software: Macromedia Dreamweaver and Contribute are the only approved web-authoring software for state webmaster use. Agencies using other software must transition to Dreamweaver and Contribute.
  • Site Management Plan: Agencies must develop a formal website management plan. This plan should identify roles and responsibilities, site monitoring and evaluation, content maintenance, oversight, user feedback and other aspects of site management.
  • Webmaster Directory: All state employees who work on websites are required to be listed in the newly created webmaster directory. This directory will be used to disseminate information, maintain communication, and enhance server security by allowing only the registered webmasters FTP access to the web server.
  • Website Coordinators: Each agency is required to designate one or two individuals to serve as coordinators of the agency's website activities. They will be responsible for the web management plan, ensuring their agencies' websites are compliant with state web standards and policies, maintaining a current list in the webmaster directory, and will be the point of contact for the Office of Information Technology and InforME.