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Volume VI, Issue 12 December 2003

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I Have a Little Change in my Pocketů..

By Ginnie Ricker


Want to save some money for your agency?  How about using audio or web conferencing services rather than traveling?  For as little as .08 cents per minute per caller, you can host a meeting with participants from around the world, the state or even the city.  You can have a 1-800 number, so you can pick up the entire tab, or you can have a long distance number, so the participants pay.


Below are some Questions and Answers (Q&A) about the new audio/web conferencing services that have recently been contracted for. See for more information.


Q What does it cost to establish an audio conference call? Right now I pay a $15.00 charge per setup.

A With Premiere Conferencing there is no setup fee.


Q What about cancellation fees? Sometimes multiple parties cancel at the last minute.

A With Premiere Conferencing there is no cancellation fee.


Q Our agency uses audio conferencing services all the time, it is so time consuming calling to set up a meeting.

A With Premiere Conferencing each agency has the ability to have a dedicated number with moderator and participant pass-codes. They also provide access to setup conference calls via their website, or you can call their customer support desk.


Q I have documents that I want to share with the participants of a call.  How can I do that?

A With Premiere Conferencing you can establish a web conference (Premiere offers several different levels of web conferencing), using your phone for the verbal communications and the web for sharing of documentation.


Q When will BIS bill us for the use of these services?

A BIS will no longer be providing audio conferencing services. Agencies that want to utilize these services will establish an account with Premiere Conferencing.  As part of the account setup, the agency will include the billing process that works best for them.


Q What is the annual fee for this service?

There is no annual fee. This is a pay per use service. Premiere Conferencing specializes in these services. This is their business!!!


Q Okay, I want to save my agency M-O-N-E-Y, I want to have multiple choices of how to have a meeting AND I want my own number. How do I do it?

A Please go to select the three items under Communications. Read the information that has been provided. Print or save the New Account Setup Form, fill in the information, and submit to the names listed on the form.


Should you have any other questions, please contact the contract administrator, Lavana Snyder at or 624-9511.

Line of Holly

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