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Volume VI, Issue 12 December 2003

Line of Holly
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Challenge for December

by Lester Dickey

What comes next in the following series: j31, a31, s30, o31, n30, ____?

For an additional challenge, but no chance for the pizza, what comes next in the following series: A, C, F, J, O, ___?

Please e-mail Lester Dickey with your answer and your name, phone number, and the organization for which you work. Or call Barbara Buck at 624-9501. The winner will be drawn from all the correct entries and will receive a FREE donated pizza, either from CJ’s Pizza or from the EDOC Cafeteria. All answers must be in no later than the 14th of the month.

Last month's challenge brought 48 submissions, with 41 being correct answers. The winner, chosen by random drawing, is Nick Zaharchuk of BIS.

The answers to last month’s Challenge: A “pear” would cost 12 cents (3 cents per letter). A “plum” would cost 5 cents (5 cents per vowel).

Line of Holly

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