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A Publication Featuring The Information Services Technology of Maine State Government

Volume VI, Issue 1 January 2003

Happy New Year

According to Hoyle---Jeanne Hoyle, That Is...

By Janey Barton

Jeanne Hoyle

After 34 years of State service Jeanne retired effective January 1, 2003. Question: What agency occupied the 4th floor of the State Office Building (SOB, now called the Burton Cross Building), when Jeanne started her State government career in 1967? Answer: Department of Education. The Department of Education made its "temporary move" in 1967 to the yellow brick building between the SOB and the Cultural Building. Temporary turned out to be 30+ years!

Throughout her career, Jeanne has held numerous job titles. At the Department of Education she served as a keypunch operator trainee, a keypunch operator, and later was promoted into the ranks of information system support technicians. Jeanne says "Before the position title was changed to data entry operator, I worked on a variety of keypunch, card sorter, and collator machines. My favorite machine was the Univac 1710, which was both a keypunch and key verifier. I keypunched cards for programs used by professional departmental staff and computer programmers. At that time, we used cards to enter data into computers and run jobs, for example, processing teacher certifications."

Following her service at the Department of Education, Jeanne moved to the Division of Alcohol and Drug Abuse in Hallowell as a part-time Information Support Technician, and part-time secretary. Reorganization moved Jeanne into the Office of Substance Abuse where she was Director Carl Mowatt’s part time secretary. Later the Office became part of the Bureau of Developmental Services (BDS) within the Department of Behavioral and Developmental Services (DBDS). Novell networking was used, and Jeanne was later promoted by the Department to an Information System Support Specialist (ISSS) position.

In 1999, Jeanne was again promoted when she accepted an ISSS II position at the Bureau of Information Services (BIS), working for Terry Kenniston. (Jeanne has known Terry since she worked at the Department of Education - he was the Univac 1710 repairman!) This new position was quite a change from her responsibilities at DBDS and a challenge for her. Since 1999, Jeanne has participated in BIS’ migration from Novell Servers to a Win2000 Environment. She has also been involved in creating userIDs and assigning user security, setting up network printers and addressing their problems. Jeanne has also worked with agencies who have Service Level Agreements with BIS, and has been involved in BIS’ moving to DHCP (Dynamic Host Control Protocol), which involves dynamic IP assignments.

Jeanne was born in Michigan, where her father, who served in both the U.S. Army and Air Force, was stationed. She has also lived in Canada, Kansas, Alabama, New Mexico, and Okinawa. Since she was ten, Maine has been home. Jeanne’s husband, Gary, was a curator of natural history at the Maine State Museum, until his recent retirement. He worked on many special effects there. They live in Pittston, but also have a camp on Swan’s Island (near Mt. Desert Island), which they love. Jeanne said, "The thought of waking up in the morning and just deciding to do something new or take a canoe ride or go for a walk….It will be nice to do these things in retirement." She likes to cross stitch and is into rubber stamping crafts. They love to hike and climb in Acadia and have done most of the trails there. Favorites are the Precipice, Jordan Cliff, and the Beehive. For the least amount of hiking with the best, most gorgeous view, she recommends Gorham Mountain.

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