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A Publication Featuring The Information Services Technology of Maine State Government

Volume VI, Issue 4 April 2003

Chick and Egg

10 Action Steps to GREAT Customer Service

By Ginnie Ricker

  1. Always answer the phone within three rings. (If you are going to be away from your desk, select the option on your phone to have all calls go directly to voicemail).

  2. Update your voicemail when you are not available to respond to a customer’s message within the same day. Voicemail messages should be acknowledged the same day.

  3. Introduce yourself and where you work when you answer the call. This will help the caller understand if they have contacted the right place. [Hello, you have reached NAME of the DEPT NAME.]

  4. Remember AND repeat the customer’s name. Customers feel important when you remember their name. At the end of the conversation, use their name.

  5. SMILE even on the phone. Your customer can tell your mood through the phone.

  6. Be truthful to the customer. If you don’t know the answer, tell them. But let them know you are more than happy to find the answer. This also gives you an opportunity to learn something as well.

  7. Acknowledge your customer, whatever environment you work in. A simple "hello" or I will be right with you is all it takes. Or at the minimum, make eye contact so the customer knows you have seen them.

  8. Listen to your customer. Understand what they are saying. Show empathy.

  9. Step outside the box to satisfy or even exceed your customers expectations!

  10. Follow up with your customer. Keep them informed. If you tell them something, stick to it or explain the issues.

Chick and Egg

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