Nancy Prisk

Contact Information

  • Mailing Address: P. O. Box 154, 1 Webber Lane, Southport, ME 04576
  • Phone: (207) 217-7743
  • Email:
  • Sponsor: Maine State Library


  • County Expertise: All Maine
  • Subject Area Speciality:

    1)Maine, Connecticut, and Virginia. 2)Family history research, Town history research, Vital records research, cemetery research. 3)Will consult on birth family research for adoptees. 4)I enjoy traveling to gather original source materials and take photographs. 5)Familiar with resources at the Maine State Library, Fogler Library at the University of Maine in Orono, Bangor Public Library Special Collections. 6)Master of Arts, Interdisciplinary Studies (History, Anthropology, and Native American Studies) 7) Over 40 years experience in family history research.

  • Type of Certification:
  • Have Genealogical Researcher ID card: Yes
  • Member of Genealogical Society or not: Yes
  • Member of Genealogical Society: National Genealogical Society,New England Historic Genealogical Society,Maine Historical Society,Virginia Genealogical SocietyJamestown - Yorktown Foundation- Maine Genealogical Society