30th Annual Reading Round Up Conference

Conference Details

When: Thursday, April 25, 2019
Where: Augusta Civic Center, 76 Community Drive, Augusta, Maine 04330
Theme: Connections: Looking Back and Reaching Forward
Cost: $75.00 (Invoice)


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    7:45 - 8:15 | Registration, Book Sales, Vendors, Exhibits

    8:15 - 8:30 | Welcome: James Ritter, State Librarian & Stephanie Schott, RRU Committee Chair

    8:30 - 9:30 | Keynote: Sharon Creech, author

    9:45 - 10:45 | Workshop Session 1

    1. Difficult Conversations in Schools | Grades 4-12
      Nicole Rancourt, Maine Humanities Council; Brandon Baldwin, Civil Rights Team Project
      Brandon and Nicole will introduce participants to the Civil Rights Team Project and model strategies they have used to get civil rights teams in all grade levels thinking and talking about big ideas and difficult topics. You will leave with some book and activity ideas to use with your community.
    2. Breakout: Behind the Scenes| Grades 1-12
      Julie Williams, Sanford Junior HS
      You have participated in a Breakout or an Escape Room. They are fun, engaging, and versatile. But how do you create one of your own? Let's get "under the hood" and learn some tips and tricks for creating our own.
    3. Cream of the Crop List for Younger Readers | Pre K-Grade 5
      Patti Francis, Pownal Elementary School; Kathy George, Gray Public Library; Melissa Madigan; Jill O’Connor, Merrill Memorial Library
      Join us as we highlight some of the best books from the previous year for young readers culled from the Maine Children’s & YA Book Review Group. We will offer ways to use them in your library classes, story times, and programs.
    4. What's New in Graphic Novels | Grades K-12
      Laura O'Meara & Rick Lowell, Casablanca Comics
      There are always new, amazing graphic novels being released. Learn about a wide variety of genres, with a focus on classic adaptations as well as biographies, autobiographies, and memoirs.
    5. Building the Bridge: Connecting Public and School Libraries | Grades K-12
      Jill Hooper, Freeport MS; Mary Lehmer, Freeport Community Library
      Bringing Public and School Libraries together is an excellent way to share resources, strengthen programs, and build positive library relationships. In this session, we will share what has worked, troubleshoot potential roadblocks, and provide the building blocks for libraries to build their own bridges.

    10:45 - 11:15 | Book Sales, Vendors, Exhibits / Author Signings (Auditorium)

    11:15 - 12:15 | Workshop Session 2

    1. Terrific Twos: Connecting Sensory Activities to a Successful Toddler Story Time | Birth-age 3
      Sheila Dube, Springvale Public Library
      Hear how this past summer’s Family Sensory Story Time provided a framework for a successful Toddler Time at Springvale Library. Pick up some hands-on techniques to connect toddlers with literacy activities that match their development strengths. Plan to participate in a short toddler story time and practice some strategies to make your library’s toddler programming terrific.
    2. Communicating and Connecting Across Continents | Grades K-6
      Rebecca Reynolds, Biddeford Intermediate School
      Maine's immigrant/refugee/migrant population continues to increase. Is your library ready to handle the diverse needs of children and families that may not speak English? Different forms of technology will be addressed, as well as ways to help everyone pick out books that may be the best for them. A list of book recommendations will be provided.
    3. 2018 Cream of the Crop for Older Readers | Grades 6-12
      Elizabeth Andersen, Westbrook HS; Sarah Cropley, Scarborough Public Library; Noelle Gallant, Saco MS; Kristin Taylor, Biddeford HS
      Join us as we highlight some of the best books from the previous year for tweens and teens culled from the Maine Children’s & YA Book Review Group. We will offer ways to use them in your class, curriculum, book displays, and programs.
    4. Diversity for Teens | Grades 6-12
      Melissa M. Orth, Curtis Memorial Library (Brunswick)
      How can we build empathy and cultural awareness in one of the least diverse states in America? This workshop will cover how to evaluate and select materials for a teen audience that feature diverse characters and topics, covering race, LBGTQIA+, and disabilities, and provide resources to meet challenges, how to market the materials, and present programs. Resource list will be provided.  
    5. Strategies for Identifying & Supporting Youth in Crisis | All ages
      Theresa Violette & Hope Libby, Augusta School Department
      In this session, participants will gain an understanding of the signs/symptoms of children in crisis, discuss how poverty and ACES (adverse childhood experiences) impact children and families, and learn about school and community resources that best support children in their education.

    12:15 - 12:45 | Luncheon

    12:45 - 1:30 | Award Announcements for Lupine, Katahdin, Chickadee, MSBA

    1:30 - 2:00 | Book Sales, Vendors, Exhibits / Author Signings

    2:00 - 3:00 | Workshop Session 3

    1. Helping Parents Help Us Promote Literacy in Young Children | Birth-Grade 3
      Dr. Susan Bennett-Armistead, University of Maine
      Young children are constantly seeking information about their world by asking questions, exploring and best of all, curled up in our laps during a read aloud. This session will explore a wide range of ways to support our littlest learners and offer suggestions for teachers and librarians working with families to use children's interests and curiosity to expand their knowledge of the world around them as well as the many purposes of literacy.
    2. Easy and Free Makerspace Ideas for All Ages | Grades K-12
      Amy Ryder, Kerry Brenner, Debby Lemire, Cheryl Mills, and Karly Wilkins from Spruce Mountain School Libraries
      Makerspaces don't have to be intimidating or expensive. Learn about easy creations and engineering challenges you can do with simple supplies you already have on hand. We'll upcycle discarded books and use up your scrap paper stash to make cool projects together. This is a hands-on session for all levels and ages.
    3. The New Digital Maine Library | Grades 4-12
      Emily Jackson Sanborn, Orono MS & HS
      A hands-on exploration of the elementary through high school resources in the new Digital Maine Library suite. Let's dive in and get comfortable with the new offerings!
    4. Not Just "Great for Girls": Activities to Challenge Gender Stereotypes in the Library | Grades 4-8
      Diane Magras, author; Jill O’Connor, Merrill Memorial Library (Yarmouth)
      Explore ways to get beyond "girls' books" and "boys' books" in your library. This session will include descriptions of three activities to engage students in reading beyond gender boundaries—a book quest, a book tasting, and blind date with a book. We'll also play a trivia game to delve into limited and nontraditional gender roles in middle grade fiction, and an out-of-the-box gender role game, both of which are adaptable for a student audience too. Activity cards, book lists, and a good dose of inspiration will be included.
    5. Play Me a Story | Age 3-Grade 3
      Hannah Cordes & Julianne Shea, Portland Stage
      Experience Portland Stage's Play Me a Story, an interactive reader's theater program that builds and enhances student literacy and engagement with language. We will begin with a short dramatic reading of a popular picture book followed by an interactive workshop. Play Me a Story encourages reading fluency, character recall, understanding of themes, emotional recognition, physical storytelling, and vocal characterization.

    3:00 - 3:15 | Break

    3:15 - 4:15 | Workshop Session 4

    1. Parent Café: Promoting Positive Relationships with Families in your Community | All ages
      Shannon Briggs & Patrice Leary-Forrey, Kids Free to Grow (Prevention Council for Child Abuse in York County)
      Parent Cafe style program promotes positive relationships between parents and those who provide early childhood or family strengthening programs within a community setting. Librarians will learn how to host and facilitate a cafe in their own library with the use of Parent Cafe Deck Cards as a tool for facilitation along with materials that enhance meaningful conversations that strengthen families.
    2. Using Fantasy to Survive Reality | Grades 5-12
      Gabe O’Brien, Healthy Acadia; Michelle Wyler, Sumner Memorial Library; several Teen Dungeon & Dragons experts
      Are you ready to dive into the world of Dungeons and Dragons? Our workshop will discuss the importance of role playing games in learning creativity, teamwork, problem solving, socialization, and the importance of storytelling. RPGs also create space for youth to reflect on their feelings and life experiences that allow for them to reduce barriers when meeting new people in new situations.
    3. Telling the Story of Science | All ages
      Mary Cerullo, author
      Through interviews with researchers, data on new discoveries, and my own adventures with dolphins, sharks, and octopuses, I try to capture the excitement of doing science. I describe my writing process, from proposals to publishers to my research, writing--and re-writing--through the final design of the book. We will do exercises on writing and discussion prompts and other strategies for deciphering nonfiction books with children. We will share criteria for evaluating non-fiction science books for the library or classroom.
    4. Title Talk: Summer/Fall 2019 Book Trends for Children & Teens | All ages
      Bobbie Bensur, Baker & Taylor
      Get the inside scoop on what publishers have in store for children and teens through the end of 2019. TitleTalk showcases forthcoming titles for readers ranging in age from babies through high school, and will be organized by trend and essential reads.
    5. Raising Readers: Your Early Literacy Partner | Birth-age 5
      Anne Quirion & Mary Catherine Tee, Raising Readers
      From the day they’re born to age 5, every child in Maine receives a library of books to call their very own from their healthcare provider. Attend this breakout session to learn about the history of the program, how it works, and what Raising Readers resources are available to parents and caregivers, librarians, and educators..

    4:15 | Adjourn

Conference Committee

Sarah Cropley, Scarborough Public Library Regan Parker, SAD 6 – Bonny Eagle School District
Danielle Fortin, South Berwick Public Library Stephanie Schott, Maine State Library
Deanna Gouzie McNamara, McArthur Public Library Liz Soares, Augusta School District
Amy Hand, Camden Public Library Donna Wallace, Auburn Public Library
Deborah Ladd, Rangeley Public Library  

Special Thanks to Maine State Library staff
Elaine Bissonnette, Kimberly Clark, Adam Fisher, Cheryl Ramsay, and Jim Roy

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For further information, please email Elaine Bissonnette at elaine.m.bissonnette@maine.gov.