5 for 5 - Book Review Program

The Maine State Library offers member libraries an opportunity to acquire publishers' review copies of new children's and young adult books. All you have to do is write a brief review for each title. You are welcome to come to Augusta to choose your own books between the hours of 8-5, Monday through Friday. Since we aren't shipping books to you, there is no cost associated. Your only obligation is to submit the reviews.

If you can't make it to Augusta, then use the request form below to let us know what types of books you are looking for. These requests are filled periodically when we have enough titles. If you can't come to Augusta, then we ask that you pay postage for us to ship the titles to you. That's where the 5 for 5 title of this program comes in. You get 5 titles for 5 dollars. The one dollar per book defrays shipping and copying expenses associated with the program. Please send a check, made out to Treasurer, State of Maine, along with your request form.

Submit Reviews

Reviews are to be submitted using the Maine Library Review website. http://www.mslbookreview.org/

Contact Deb Clark Deborah.Clark@maine.gov to get instructions for using the site.

Requesting Books

  • Books may be requested in multiples of five, up to twenty at one time, depending on supply
  • Request form:
  • For questions, Contact Cheryl Ramsay at the CMLD office: 1-800-322-8899 or 1-207-287-5620, cheryl.ramsay@maine.gov


Book Review Tips

  • Writing reviews for fiction, nonfiction and picture books
  • Recommending for purchase or not