Maine School Library Annual Report Statistics

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You can calculate the Return on Investment (ROI) using the School Library Use Value Calculator and your annual report statistics?

Need help gathering statistics? Try a statistics worksheet.

For the 2016-17 school year, a small group of school librarians volunteered to beta test an annual report survey for the Maine State Library. The information collected in this survey was designed with input from school librarians to help librarians assess how well their libraries are performing, identify areas for improvement and make long range plans.  If you have any questions about the annual report statistics, contact Jenny Melvin, the State Data Coordinator at 207 947-8336, extension 116.

Available School Years


Tips for using the numbers:

  • Show how the use of the library goes up over time
  • Compare and contrast your library to nearby libraries or other libraries of the same size
  • Combine census information and library statistical data in grant applications
  • Illustrate the effectiveness of library services and programs
  • Inform decision makers and your community about the value of the library
  • Advocate for budget or staff increases
  • See also Does Your Library Count? - Importance of the statistics, how to compare libraries, how the State Library uses the statistics.