COVID Van Delivery Requests

This form is to request delivery of items for your library from the Freedom Xpress facility as we stage opening of van delivery and then later, Interlibrary Loan services for URSUS, Minerva, MILS, ARRC facilitated ILL, Balsam, etc.  
Freedom Xpress will be delivering on only Tuesday and Thursdays until further notice.
Once we have retuned most items in the FX sorting facilities, and an adequate number of libraries have staff in the building, MSL will work with FX to facilitate the pick-up of totes .

Thanks for your patience as we proceed through this staged process.

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Library Information
Availablity for Van Deilvery
  1. Ready to return to normal delivery schedule?
  2. If NOT currently ready to return to normal delivery schedule, please provide details on your plans below:
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