Use Policy for Science Trunks

Any public library of the Maine Regional Library System that minimally meets the Maine Public Library Basic Standards may schedule to borrow a Cornerstones of Science “Science Trunk” for the purpose of providing hands-on science experiences for children and their families.  Please check the Cornerstones of Science Trunk List for a brief description of available trunks.


  • Only public libraries may reserve Cornerstones Science Trunks.
  • The borrowing library must contact Cornerstones of Science by online form, from either the Cornerstones of Science or Maine State Library website.  Libraries will receive confirmation as to the requested Science Trunk loaned and duration of the loan.  If libraries have any questions they can call Cornerstones of Science at 207-208-8975.
  • Standard loan period is up to two weeks but may be extended if circumstances demand a longer loan period and if there are no other libraries requesting that specific Science Trunk.
  • Public libraries MUST either be on the library van delivery system or have an agreement with neighboring libraries for drop off/pick up of Cornerstones of Science Trunks
  • Cornerstones Science Trunks are to be used during non-commercial library program events.
  • Cornerstones Science Trunks are intended to be used by librarians or librarian-appointed staff or volunteers in a public library setting and are not considered a loanable item.  A parent or organizer of a home-school group or community organization can use the Science Trunks only with expressed permission of the librarian borrowing the Science Trunk and only within the library.  The library is responsible, at all times, for the use of any and all Science Trunk components.

Responsibilities of the borrowing library

  • Completion of the online request form.
  • Your feedback (Make “feedback” a hotlink to the feedback form) on your experience with the Science Trunks so that we can continually improve this service. (move this from the last bullet position to second, to give it more prominence and importance)
  • Pick up and return of borrowed Science Trunk or arrangements for shipping to and from the office of Cornerstones of Science in Brunswick.
  • If public library is not on the MSL van delivery service, library CAN and MUST make arrangements for pick up and/or drop off with an approved neighboring library.  Arrangements with the Pick Up/Drop Off Library MUST be made prior to reserving a Science Trunk.  Please indicate on form the contact information and name of the Pick Up/Drop Off approved library.
  • If multiple libraries within 20 miles of each other (Library Regional Collaborative) would like to use the same Science Trunk, at least one of those participating libraries MUST be on the MSL delivery van service.
  • Informing Cornerstones of Science as soon as possible of any damages done to or loss of the Science Trunk and/or its components.
  • Payment for damages to, or losses of, any device or component of the Science Trunk.  Replacement devices or components are not an acceptable form of payment.  The value of complete Science Trunks:
    • With scientific tools -- $1,200
    • Without scientific tools--  $800

Responsibilities of Cornerstones of Science

  • Cornerstones of Science will store and maintain the Science Trunks.
  • All Science Trunks will be picked up/dropped off at the Cornerstones of Science office, ONLY through the MSL van delivery service, to only those libraries using this service.  No other third party delivery service will be used.
  • Cornerstones of Science will offer basic training in the use of the Science Trunks, if trainers are available, starting in January 2015.  Please check off box on online form if interested in attending a  training session.