Returning a Cornerstones Science Trunk

We hope the Science Trunk was a helpful addition to your library's programming. Before you return the trunk, please follow the steps below.

Before You Return the Trunk:

  1. Make note of any damaged or missing items from the trunk, and send the note back with the trunk.
  2. Complete the following form in order to:
    1. Schedule your trunk pick-up with Freedom Xpress - Freedom Xpress prefers to be notified in advance of trunk transports. Please note the date you will be sending your trunk back, using the form below.
    2. Provide feedback on your experience - we'd like to know how your program went and what suggestions you may have to improve the experience for other libraries.
Your Information
Trunk Return Logistics
  1. Your trunk should be shipped back via Freedom Xpress on one of your regularly scheduled van delivery dates.
Program Information
  1. List the number of programs you hosted with the trunk.
  2. List the dates of the programs you hosted.
  3. Attendees: Please enter total attendance for all of your programs with Science Trunks (approximate numbers will suffice).

Patron Experience
  1. About the patrons who participated in the Science Trunk programs.
  2. On average, participants were deeply engaged in the Science Trunk activities:
  3. On average, participants seemed interested and eager to learn the information that the Science Trunk was designed to convey:
  4. On average, participants seemed to have fun working with the Science Trunk activities and information:
Library/Facilitator Experience
  1. About you, the host library and the facilitator for the Science Trunk activities.
  2. The Science Trunk activities were easy to implement:
  3. We are likely to request more Science Trunks to use with our patrons:
  4. What suggestions do you have to make the Science Trunk even better for your patrons in terms of their engagement and learning?
  5. What STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) topics should Cornerstones address with the creation of additional science trunks?
Submit Form
  1. Thank you for sharing your feedback! Click the button below to submit your form.