Library Assistant

Position Type: Non-MLS

Library Type: Public


Under general supervision, to perform a variety of sub-professional library work requiring specialized knowledge and to do related work as required.

Examples of Duties

  1. Advises patrons about the library and its services and resources.
  2. Collects and processes fines and other library fees.
  3. Creates and edits computer records of materials and patrons.
  4. Assists in maintenance of computer databases.
  5. Assists patrons with operation of special equipment and machinery.
  6. Explains the use of the online catalog to patrons.
  7. Assists patrons in locating materials.
  8. Answers simple reference questions and refers other questions to the proper source.
  9. Answers telephone and assists with patron requests.
  10. Checks out, renews, and checks in materials loaned against borrower?s record.
  11. Registers patrons for library cards.
  12. Maintains patron registration file.
  13. Assists with special programs for any age group.
  14. Catalogs fiction books and some audiovisual materials.
  15. Maintains shelf list of materials.
  16. Makes lists of materials for patron use.
  17. Prepares books and other materials for patron use.
  18. Processes withdrawal of materials.
  19. Calls patrons about overdue and reserved materials.
  20. Shelves books and other materials.
  21. Assists with inventory work.
  22. Designs and creates library displays and signs.
  23. Processes overdue notices.
  24. Retrieves library materials from restricted areas.
  25. Maintains periodical collection by recording incoming magazines and newspapers, alerting supervisor to subscription problems, and maintaining periodical collection area.
  26. Performs minor service and repair functions on various office machines.
  27. Separates and distributes incoming mail.
  28. Assists with maintenance of statistics on library materials and patrons.
  29. Performs minor repairs on books and other materials.
  30. Makes recommendations of additions and withdrawals of materials and identifies subject areas needing development.
  31. May guide, whenever necessary, part-time employees, volunteers, and other temporary employees.

Employment Standards

  1. Graduation from high school or equivalent.
  2. Possess good knowledge of current office practices and procedures.
  3. Possess good knowledge of proper English grammar, vocabulary, and spelling.
  4. Possess good filing skills.
  5. Possess good arithmetic computation skills.
  6. Ability to type and operate computer quickly and accurately.
  7. Possess basic computer skills including use of mouse and Windows software.
  8. Possess knowledge of library methods and procedures including books and authors.
  9. Ability to analyze situations accurately and to adopt an effective course of action.
  10. Ability to provide quality customer service in a courteous and tactful manner.
  11. Ability to establish effective working relationships with co-workers.