Library Director

Position Type: Non-MLS

Library Type: Public


General Responsibilities

The Director serves as the chief executive officer of the Library under the supervision of the Library Board of Directors. The Director is responsible for the functioning of the Library as a whole, with specific responsibilities including staffing, budgeting and budget control, programming, recommending policy adjustments to the Board, and working cooperatively within the community to further the Library?s programs and services and to meet community needs.

Major Duties and Responsibilities


  • Manages and supervises library operations to achieve goals within available resources, including budget and personnel.


  • Consistent with applicable laws, regulations and policies, exercises control over the hiring, firing, discipline and scheduling of employees of the Library, and makes salary recommendations to the Board.

  • Exercises administrative direction over Library employees and other support staff including volunteers, contract and seasonal personnel, providing effective direction to staff to assure the quality of public service.


  • Assures the fiscal soundness of library operations.

  • Prepares the annual budget for Board review and approval, and administers the budget including cost control activities.

  • Directs the operation, maintenance, and improvement of the Library?s physical facilities and equipment.

  • Coordinates library development and fund raising.


  • Performs effective collection and programming management to provide materials and programs appropriate for the needs and interests of Library patrons and the community.

Communications and Data

  • Prepares a variety of studies, reports and related information for internal and external decision-making, and for regulatory and fiscal purposes.

  • With support from Development Director and staff, performs effective community relations and promotes library programs through community presentations and other means.

  • Provides professional advice on library matters to the Board.

Community and Collaboration

  • Coordinates Library programs with area educational, recreational, and work programs, and with outside organizations such as schools, historical societies and other community-based groups.

  • Maintains Library liaison with other non-profit organizations, as well as with Federal, state, and local officials.

Policy and Program Development

  • Reviews program areas, public service policies, and personnel policies, and makes recommendations to the Board.

  • Implements changes or new programs to meet the library needs of the community.


  • Provides leadership and direction in the development of short and long range library plans.