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What are my responsibilities as a Campaign Coordinator?

The responsibilities of the Campaign Coordinator include organizing the workplace campaign. This includes raising awareness about MSECCA and its agencies, and setting up a convenient time for all employees to attend an information meeting to learn about the campaign. In this presentation, employees should hear briefly about the impact its partnering programs have had on our community in the last year. You may want to consider asking one of MSECCA’s federation agencies to come in and speak. After a brief, informative session, employees are given the opportunity to make a contribution or can make a payroll deduction pledge online at

Who is there to help me if I have questions?

The MSECCA campaign is managed by United Way of Kennebec Valley at or 207-626-3400.

What is the overall timeframe?

The overall campaign goal can be reached before or after the department goal. However, the cutoff for determining which departments qualify for the incentives is Wednesday, December 12th. This allows your payroll department adequate time to process payroll deductions. Though cash/credit card contributions can be made after the 12th, they will not count toward the incentives.

Are raffles and bake sales allowed in the workplace during the MSECCA Campaign?

Sales require no permits if they benefit MSECCA. Raffles are also allowed if they don’t bring in more than $ 1,000 a day.

How do I respond to negativity?

Remember, objections are not personal and are often based on incorrect information. Try to find out the real issue and address it. Encourage the objector to voice opinion (if it’s a poorly thought-out objection then it will fail on its own) and don’t respond by arguing. Instead offer information about how federation agencies help people and offer to discuss it at length after the group meeting. It’s ok to say you don’t know something and feel free to refer them to MSECCA to get the answers they are seeking. People respond best when they are informed, not coerced.

What does MSECCA provide to campaign coordinators?
  • Campaign Coordinator’s Guide
  • Campaign Brochures
  • Pledge Sheets
  • Federation Agency Representation at meetings or events
  • Campaign Posters
  • Goal Poster