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September 16, 2003

Maine PUC Issues Request for Proposals For
Standard Offer Service in MPS Territory


AUGUSTA, MAINE Ė The Maine Public Utilities Commission (Commission) released a request for proposals from suppliers to provide retail standard offer service to customers of Maine Public Service Company (MPS).  Suppliers are invited to bid for a 1-year term (March 1, 2004 through February 2005) or for a 34-month term (March 1, 2004 through December 31, 2006).  Initial standard offer proposals with indicative bid prices are due on October 15, 2003. 

Suppliers chosen will provide full requirements service for all standard offer customers in the MPS service territory.  Suppliers may bid on one or more of three broad customer groups:  residential and small non-residential, medium non-residential, and large non-residential.

The MPS service territory includes more than 36,000 customers in northern Maine.  MPSís total retail sales in 2002 were about 530 million kWh and its system peak demand was 101 megawatts.  MPS is within the Canadian Maritimes control area and is connected to the ISO-NE region by transmission through New Brunswick.  The Northern Maine ISA (NMISA) administers the bulk power system for the region.  Suppliers with resources in the ISO-NE region should note that there are provisions in the NMISA tariff to facilitate the use these of resources to serve load in Northern Maine.

In a separate solicitation issued today, MPS is requesting wholesale supply proposals to provide standard offer service for these same loads.  Bidders may participate in both the retail and wholesale processes, although the Commission has indicated that retail proposals will be preferred.

In a third solicitation also issued today, MPS is requesting proposals to purchase its entitlement to the capacity and energy from Wheelabrator-Sherman, a wood-fired generator in its service territory with an expected annual energy production of 136,582 MWh/yr.  The Wheelabrator-Sherman RFP and other information about the entitlement sale are available at  The Commission has indicated that suppliers may submit combined proposals to supply the standard offer load and purchase the Wheelabrator-Sherman entitlement.

Inquiries regarding the RFP should be directed to: Faith Huntington (at 207-287-1373 or or Mitch Tannenbaum (at 207-287-1391 or

The RFP is available from the Commissionís web site at  Any modifications, corrections, or clarifications to the RFP will be posted at the same location.


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