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PUC Rules

*NOTE: Commission Rules are being changed to 3 digits (example:   Chapter 20 is now Chapter 200)

65-407 -- Public Utilities Commission

65-625 -- Emergency Services Communications Bureau


Chapter 1 Standards for Establishing A Statewide Enhanced 9-1-1 System (Effective 9/15/07)

Chapter 2 Requirements for the Enhanced 9-1-1 System Service Provder and Local Exchange Carriers (Effective 8/13/17)

Chapter 3 Provision of enhanced 9-1-1 Access-Only (Effective 10/1/08)

Chapter 4: Requirements for the Dispatch Center Consolidation Grant Program (Effective 1/1/19)


Chapter 5 Standards for the Implementation and Administration of Emergency Fire Dispatch Protocols (Effective 9/3/16)


Chapter 11 PBX/Multiline Telephone System (MLTS) Requirements (Effective 7/27/05)


Energy Programs -- (formerly 19-530 Department of Economic and Community Development, Energy Conservation Division )

Chapter 400 - Energy Efficiency Standards for Subsidized Multi-Family Residences (Effective 12/23/92)


The Commission's Rules are available from the Office of the Secretary of State in Microsoft Word formats.