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Reports to the Legislature

Electric Resource Adequacy Report & Plan (4/15/08)

Annual Report on the New Renewable Resource Portfolio Requirement (3/31/08)

Medical Devices Report (3/11/08) Attachment

Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative Report (3/11/08) Attachment 1 Attachment 2 Attachment 3

CFL Report (submitted jointly by the PUC and DEP) (2/21/08)

Report on Building Energy Codes (2/15/08)

Annual Report on Electric Incentive Ratemaking (2/4/08)

Annual Report on Natural Gas Ratemaking Mechanisms (2/4/08)

PUC Annual Report (2/1/08)

Revenue Decoupling (1/15/08) Attachment A Attachment B Attachment C Attachment D Attachment E Attachment F Attachment G Attachment H

Annual Report on Electric Restructuring (1/15/08)

Continued Participation by Transmission & Distribution Utilities in this State in the New England Regional Transmission Organization (1/15/08)

Transmission & Distribution Utilities Participation in the Energy Supply Business (1/15/08)

Standard Offer Procurement for the Residential and Small Commercial Classes (1/15/08)

Annual Report on Efficiency Maine (Energy Conservation) (Revised 1/10/08) (12/31/07)

Disclosure Form & Energy Efficiency Standards Report Attachment (Disclosure Form) Attachment (Suggested Energy Efficiency Standards for Rental Units) (12/31/07)

Annual Report on the Voluntary Renewable Resources Fund (12/1/07)

Annual Report on the Solar Energy Rebate Program (12/1/07)

Annual Report on Gas Conservation Programs Attachment (Northern Utilities Report) Attachment (MPUC Rule, Ch. 480) (12/1/07)

Report Regarding Current Regulatory Structure and Process for Maine's Rural Telephone Companies (11/15/07) Attachment (3/5/07 Interim TAM Report) Attachment (Proposed Rule)

Annual Report on Low-Income Assistance Programs and Oxygen Pump Benefits (11/1/07)

Program Evaluation Report (GEA) (11/1/07)

Lack of Competition in the Northern Maine Electricity Market (9/10/07) Attachment A Attachment B

Annual Report on Alternative Form of Regulation (AFOR) for Telephone Utilities (9/4/07)