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Reports to the Legislature

Telephone Alternative Form of Regulation (AFOR) (9/1/06)

Annual Report on the Solar Energy Rebate Program-REVISED (12/1/06)

Annual Report on Gas Conservation Programs (12/1/06) Attachment 1 Attachment 2

Efficiency Maine Annual Report (12/15/06) Technical Appendix

Electric Restructuring Report (12/31/06)

Electric Incentive Ratemaking (1/2/07)

Gas Ratemaking Mechanism (1/2/07)

Opt-Out Fee Provisions (1/11/07)

Interim Report Regarding Status of PUC Inquiry of Participation by Transmission & Distribution Utilities in Maine in the New England Regional Transmission Organization (NERTO) (1/16/07)

PUC 2006 Annual Report (2/1/07)

Public-Interest Pay Phones (2/5/07) Summary of Applications Order Adopting Rule Chapter 252

Interim TAM Report (3/5/07) Attachment 1 Attachment 2 Attachment 3

Report on Telecommunications Needs of Federally Qualified Health Centers (3/5/07)

Attachment 1 (Needs Assessment) Attachment 2 (Workplan)

Report on the Inquiry into New Conservation Programs and Developing a Plan for Using Increases in the Conservation Fund, results from Docket No. 2006-446 (3/9/07)

Prepaid Wireless Report (3/13/07) Attachment A Attachment B Attachment C Attachment D Attachment E-1 Attachment E-2 Attachment F (proposed amendment)

Review of CMP's Distribution System and Distribution Practices and Procedures (3/14/07)

Northern Maine Electricity Market Report (5/3/07) Attachment (November 16, 2006 Order, Docket No. 2006-513)