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Reports to the Legislature

Annual AFOR Report (pdf) (html) (9/1/04)

Efficiency Maine Annual Report (11/25/04)

2004 Annual Report on Electric Restructuring (12/31/04)

2004 Annual Report on Natural Gas Ratemaking Mechanisms (12/31/04)

2004 Annual Report on Electric Utility Efficiency (Alternative Rate Plan) (12/31/04)

Investigation of Building Code Compliance and Enforcement Methods (12/31/04)

Report on Above-Code Energy Guidelines (1/26/04)

Final Report on Building Energy Codes (1/26/04)

Energy Guidelines, Codes and Standards

Expanding High-Speed Internet and Advanced Communications Services Statewide (12/31/04) - Attachment A, Attachment B

Appliance Standards Report  (1/20/05) (pdf) (html), Appendix A

Report on the Viability of Wind Power Development in Maine (1/27/05)
    Cover Page (pdf) (html)
    Table of Contents (pdf) (html)
    Executive Summary (pdf) (html)
    Final Report (pdf) (html)
    Appendices (pdf) (html)

Strategic Plan for Fiscal Years 2006 and 2007 (pdf) (html) (2/4/05)

Review of Emerging Technologies (pdf) (html), 2/10/05)

Assessment Analysis (1/5/05)
    Cover Letter (pdf) (html)
    Attachment (xls)

Review of Water Ownership (6/05)

Inquiry into the Status of the Reliability and Security of the Electric Grid:

Cover Letter (pdf 11KB) (html)
Report (pdf 332 KB) (html)
List of Appendices (pdf 10KB) (html)
Appendix A (pdf 136 KB) (html)
C (pdf 14KB) (html)
D (pdf 12KB) (html)
E (pdf 36KB) (html)
F (pdf 48KB)
G (pdf 62KB)
H (pdf 14KB) (html)
I (pdf 12KB) (html)
J (pdf 78KB)
K (pdf 14KB)
L (pdf 39KB) (html)
M (pdf 30KB)
N (pdf 16KB) (html)