Reports to the Legislature

Report on Above-Code Building Energy Guidelines (pdf) (html) (01-26-04)

Final Report on Building Energy Codes (pdf) (html) (01-26-04)

Energy Guidelines, Codes and Standards

Report on Utility Incentives Mechanisms for the Promotion of Energy Efficiency and System Reliability (pdf) (html) (02-01-04)

2003 Annual Report on Electric Restructuring (pdf) (html) (12-2003)

Report and Recommendations on the Promotion of Renewable Resources (pdf) (html) (12-2003)

Supplemental Report on Distributed Generation (pdf) (html) (12-2003)

Assessment Report (pdf) (html) (12-2003)

Annual Report on Natural Gas Efficiency (pdf) (html) (12-2003)

Annual Report on Electric Utility Efficiency (pdf) (html) (12-2003)

Report on Conservation Contract Administration (pdf) (html) (12-2003)

2003 Annual Efficiency Maine Report (pdf) (12-1-2003)

Annual AFOR Report (10-1-2003)