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Warranty and Support

Apple Care Warranty and Support Apple’s MLTI support plan will continue in similar fashion through MLTI III. The MLTI III devices are covered by an enhanced 4-year AppleCare Warranty and Support agreement. In order to receive these enhanced services, schools must follow MLTI repair and support protocols, and utilize the MLTI Local Depot for all in-warranty repair work. In-warranty repairs performed by in-house certified AppleCare technicians are also acceptable and can process repairs through DepotWorks.


The MLTI Local Depot will provide both warranty and non-warranty repairs. All costs related to non-warranty repairs will be the responsibility of the local school. Out-of-warranty repairs may be done at the MLTI Local Depot, by in-house certified AppleCare technician, or an AASP.


Local Services Providing Support

Each school’s spare inventory will be 2% of the first year’s deployment. Online tools like the MLTI Asset Manager, DepotWorks, and GSX will remain. Just as before, as batteries lose their ability to hold a reasonable charge, they will be replaced at no additional cost to schools.


Each school will be issued 2 administrative copies of Apple Remote Desktop (ARD) to allow technicians to push software updates or make configuration changes. ARD can also be used to remotely manage computers or gather reports about system configurations and software loads. Remote management tasks can be saved and reused or scheduled so they are performed at off-peak times, or whenever devices are available on the network. Task managers will be installed in High Schools. The existing task managers in Middle Schools will remain in place, and will continue to maintain MLTI support and warranty.


The MLTI Restore solution will continue to be used to reimage devices. New restore mechanisms will be provided to each participating school at a ratio of 1 mechanism per 30 devices deployed with a minimum of 1 restore mechanism.  



Apple Authorized Service Provider (AASP)

Apple Authorized Service Providers (AASP) wanting to participate in MLTI III by providing non-warranty repairs should contact the MLTI Project Office via email at


Blue Raven Technology - Not AASP - please read more here!



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