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Registration Information

  • Conference Date: Thursday May 21, 2015

  • Location: University of Maine, Orono ME

  • Cost: $13.00 per registrant (student or adult)

    • Presenting teams are provided one teacher and one student complimentary registration per presenting team.

    • Students with artwork selected for the 2105-2016 MLTI screensaver will have registration costs waived when registering.

  • Important Registration Information:

    • Schools may register up to 40 Students and 8 adults in a 5:1 ratio. With 4 students you may bring 1 adult, with 12 students, you may bring 3 adults, with 34 students, 7 adults, etc.

    • There are 1000 student registration spots available so don't delay! If space remains after April 30 2015, schools may register an additional 10 students and 2 adults if they wish.

    • We do not accept any "adult only" registrations, and require that any adult registration be accompanied by between 1 and 5 student registrations.

    • Registration will close when 1000 student registrations are received or on May 8, 2015 @ 4 PM, whichever comes sooner! Make sure you register today!!

  • Media Release Form: If your school/district has release forms on file, please email Juanita Dickson confirming details. If forms are not previously available, please print a copy for each student attending the MLTI Student Conference and send home for guardian signature.


    MLTI needs to receive a signed form or acknowledgement of forms on file prior to the conference. Please help us stay organized by doing the following:

    • Forms can be faxed to us at 1-877-494-MLTI (6584).

      • Please attempt to fax as many forms from your group at once. Clearly label your fax cover sheet with the school name and how many forms shoud be included.
    • All media release forms must be received by Friday May 15, 2015.

Online Registration Closed May 8, 2015 at 4:00pm.

Please contact Juanita Dickson with any questions.