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Block 2 (10:45 AM - 11:45 AM)

Various Campus Locations


Sessions listed below are final.

Building and rooms are being finalized and will be posted by 5/11/15 to assist you with planning.



Presenters: Carl Bucciantini and the Auburn Middle School Tweeters

Location: Boardman 209 (changed - was room 205)


Come to this session to learn more about social media, why it’s good to use in school and to pick up some good ideas to help sell your teachers on the idea! This session is designed and presented by the Auburn Middle School Tweeters.


Devices: Apple iPads, HP ElitePads, HP ProBooks, Apple MacBooks
Software: None needed



Drawing and Painting with ArtStudio
Presenter: Ann Marie Quirion Hutton, Apple

Location: Barrows 119


Did you know you can draw and paint on your iPad? Digital drawing and painting is fun. Create an illustration for your next project, paint a digital picture for the poem you just wrote, draw a cartoon for a friend… The ideas are endless. Bring your updated Apple MLTI iPad with the application ArtStudio installed for a fun hands on session creating digital art.


Device: Apple iPads
Software: ArtStudio



2D Vector Design & Vinyl Cutting
Presenter: Matt Jurick, Blue Hill Consolidated School

Location: Barrows 130


3D design and printing is really cool, but what about 2D? Come learn about vectors—those cool-sounding things that make 2D and 3D design possible—and how to cut out your designs onto vinyl decals for your MLTI devices!


Devices: HP ProBooks, Apple MacBooks
Software: Inkscape (both), Xquartz (required for MacBooks only) - both free downloads



What Do Harry Potter, Star Wars, and Frozen Have In Common?
Presenter: Lindsey Carnes, Apple

Location: Boardman 207


Attend this session to find out! We will learn about Joseph Campbell’s "A Hero’s Journey" which explains how very different stories share remarkable similarities. Whether it’s a Disney blockbuster, the story of a young wizard, or people fighting with lightsabers, at the center of each story is a hero. Together we’ll create an Explain Everything legacy filled with graphics, designs, layers, and a movie starring you as the hero.


Device: Apple iPads
Software: Explain Everything



iRobots in Your iPad
Presenter: Clif Hirtle, Apple

Location: DP Corbett Atrium


Did you know about the iRobot living inside your iPad? No, we are not talking about your ever-helpful virtual assistant Siri, but newer workflow super tools like IFTTT that can automate all those little things like auto-saving starred messages in Gmail to your favorite note-taking app. Getting your morning wake-up alarm with a forecast so you never show up apparel-challenged. Or constantly searching for topics related to your next research report and saving those right into your class notebook. Come check out more tricks and laborious tasks your iPad's iRobot can do for you!


Device: iPad

Software: IFTTT and each of the “Do" apps for iPad ("Do" button, camera & note - please download before arriving)



Like Roller Coasters? Get to know “Line Rider!"
Presenters:  Tracy Vassiliev, James F. Doughty School, along with student Shelby Hampton, Grade 8

Location: Bennett 140

Sure, roller coasters are fun, so you have to believe this session will be fun! We’ll start with a quick introduction to a simple and fun tool called "Line Rider.” It won’t be long before you’ll be building tracks and testing them for safety by sending the daring Bosh (the rider in "Line Rider”) hurtling down your track to see how it goes… Safe? Good, let’s try something else.  Crash and burn? Oops, better make some adjustments.  So come on, come build some coaster tracks with us. And don’t worry, you won’t need a hammer!


Device: Apple MacBooks
Software: Web Browser, Line Rider



Expressing Your View Point: Creating Dynamic Student Content Presentations with Windows Media
Presenter: Laura Girr, HP

Location: Murray 106


Digital tools allow you as a student to share your voice by engaging your peers with text, narration, images, and music you create to tell your story or present your point of view. Through the use of many free tools, including Movie Maker, Windows Live, Auto Collage, Photo Gallery, and Photosynth, you will explore ways to effectively build and create dynamic digtal presentations as a student creator to share with your class.

Learn how these digital tools will enhance content creation for you as a student, making your project presentations come alive.


Devices: HP ProBooks, HP ElitePads
Software: Windows Movie Maker, Windows Live, Auto Collage, Photo Gallery, Photosynth



Creating Cool Apps in Codea
Presenter: Gerald Wright, Husson University

Location: Barrows, Hill Auditorium 165


This session will allow students to explore programming on the iPad using a unique touch editor. Codea lets you build games and apps for the iPad using some of its advanced capabilities such as multi-touch and the accelerometer. If you can think it, then you can create it. Changing colors, graphics, sounds and more is only a touch away using Codea. Learn how much fun programming can be.


Device: Apple iPads
Software: Codea



Inspiring Art with Processing
Presenter: Stephen Kaplan, Coding After School

Location: Bennett 201 (changed - was 124)


Processing is a coding language that is used to create and inspire art among coders and artists. From a coding standpoint, processing can be used to create some of the most advanced projects. From an artistic standpoint, processing can be used to make unique, wonderful, and beautiful graphics.


In this class, we will be exploring the creative world of processing. We will begin with shapes, colors, lines, etc, and then move on to creating mathematical art, as well as art created by music visualization. We will use processing to make generative art.


Devices: HP ProBooks, Apple MacBooks
Software: Processing



Mystery Skype
Presenters: Amy Tucker, Auburn Middle School, along with students Anyssa Logan, Kailey Hart, and Hannah Iller

Location: Boardman 115


Come play 20 questions with us! We will connect with a class from somewhere in the world. Try to guess where they are before they guess where we are.


Devices: Apple iPads, HP ElitePads, HP ProBooks, Apple MacBooks

Software: We will be using skype but attendees will not need to go on skype.



Programming Robots is as easy as 1-2-3!
Presenter: Tom Bickford, Maine Robotics

Location: Shibles 202


Robotics has been on the cutting edge of science for the past few decades. Imagine exploring space as well as the deep reaches of the oceans. Imagine working with equipment to turn an idea into a project and finally into reality. Imagine asking the question, "What can it do?" only to find out it can do what we want it to do. Now imagine that you can do all that! In this session you'll not only learn about the ideas of robotics, you'll get your hands on them as well!
Ready, set, PROGRAM!


Devices: HP ProBooks, Apple MacBooks
Software: MindStorms for the EV3 programming language



The Art of the Stop Motion Film
Presenter: Sean Malone, RSU 68

Location: Jenness 100


Who does not love the hands on experience of creating films and documentaries. Using various tools, toys, and materials, we can create excellent Stop Motion Films not only using computers, but tablets, smartphones, & cameras. Give yourself the hands on experience of constructing and building the sets, camera angles, characters, and plots. If you have a movie idea, create it. There is nothing that can stop you from becoming a director or producer.


Devices: Apple iPads, HP ElitePads, HP ProBooks, Apple MacBooks
Software: iMovie, JellyCam, WindowsMovieMaker


Fun with Physics! Yes - Physics and FUN! Trust me!
Presenters:  Ryan Weatherbee, University of Maine, along with student Makenzie Thompson, Grade 8, James Doughty School

Location: Boardman 310

OK, we get it… Physics can be a tough science, but is also the way your world works. Ski down a mountain? Physics. Hit a baseball over the fence? Physics. Balance a book on your head? Physics. Build a boat that floats? Physics! In this session we will play (Yes, PLAY!) with a free laws-of-physics simulator program called OE-CAKE (Yes, we get it — weird name. We know) where users can add objects with different properties and watch them interact under the laws of physics. In other words, if you build something in mid-screen and let it go, it will fall downwards, like things do in the real world! You’ll be able to let your imagination go wild — building complicated machines and combining substances to make new materials that don't exist in the real world. Come on — join us and become an inventor. Just be sure to bring your imagination!


Devices: HP ProBooks, Apple MacBooks
Software: OE-CAKE! for PC or OE-CAKE! for MAC


Want a 3D Printer in your school? Make it happen!

Presenters: Zack Schiller, Orono High School, along with students Tim Bruce, Mercedes Feero, and Isaiah Grace

Location: Innovative Media, Research and Commercialization Center (IMRC Center), Room 112

(Look for Stewert Hall on the map)

What is a 3D printer? What can you do with a 3D printer? What are the values of having a 3D printer at your school? How are they educational? How can you convince your school to get one? Come learn the answers to these questions and ask your own with the advisors and students of Orono High School Tech. We will have our 3D printer, a Printrbot Simple Metal, running during the presentation!


Update: The session will also include a demonstration by a University of Maine 3D printing technician and a tour of the University's machine lab including many different kinds of 3D printers!


Devices: Apple iPads, HP ElitePads, HP ProBooks, Apple MacBooks



Yes, you can! - 3D Creation on iPad
Presenter: Chuck Carter, Eagre Games

Location: Boardman 210


Autodesk’s 123D apps are not toys, but be warned - they are fun! In this session you’ll learn enough to get started in the amazing world of 3D creation on iPad. Spend an hour learning the basics, and then plan on turning yourself loose to see what you can make. And one more thing - be sure you are ready to have fun!


Device: Apple iPad



STEM in Motion

Presenter: Matt Brooks - Apple Inc.

Location: Boardman 216

(Get a preview in the morning. Matt will be located in the lobby of the Collins Center for the Arts! Grab a snack and check it out!)


In this active, motion filled hands-on / minds-on session, you’ll see how you can use iPad and Mac to collect data from your movement through the world. You’ll see a basketball that delivers data to your device, and many other examples of tools that allow us to engage in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) activity without having to sit still to do it! In fact, the more motion, the better!


Devices: Apple iPad, Apple Macbook Air
iOS App Requirements: iBooks and iTunes U
Mac App Requirements: iBooks



3 Peas In A Pod
Presenters: Ernie Easter & Jennifer Holmes, New Sweden School

Location: DP Corbett 109


Bring your favorite poem and three or more pictures to illustrate it.  We will turn them into a video using photo, music composition, and movie making software.  Forgot to bring them, don't worry, come anyways and learn how to integrate your poem, illustrations, and original music together into your own video. 


If your device does not have a camera, please bring one that you can use to download a photo.  We will have paper and crayons to create illustrations for those who desire them.

Be prepared to share your creations!


Devices: Apple iPads, HP ElitePads, HP ProBooks, Apple MacBooks

Software: iPhoto, Garage Band, iMovie to create our videos.  PCs should have similar software.



Basics of DJing
Presenter: Jordan Feero, Orono High School

Location: Nutting Hall 100


Basics of becoming a DJ, this course involves learning the software, familiarizing with beat matching, identifying parts of songs best to transition and/or remix/ add effects.


Devices: Apple MacBooks, Apple iPads
Software: djay Pro (the trial edition for the MacBook students), djay LE (for the iPad Students)



Weave the Web

Presenter: Laura Gurney, Husson University

Location: Bennett 141


The "Web" has become an important part of life. Don't believe, try being disconnected for a few days! Sites such as Facebook, Amazon, Google, among others, offer users communication, entrainment, and knowledge. Creating your own online presence is easier than you think. Explore basic HTML and CSS markup to create webpages and explore how JavaScript can add interactivity.


Devices: HP ProBooks, Apple MacBooks
Software: Web Browser (Firefox or Chrome)



Build, Test and Deploy a FileMaker Database
Presenter: Curtis Armstrong, Apple

Location: Bennett 115


In this session, you will learn how to build a FileMaker database on a MacBook Air that can be used on either an iPad or a MacBook Air. You will learn how to build layouts that adjust for the size of the screen or the type of device being used. We will explore building, testing and deploying a simple FileMaker database and learn a little about Apple’s Human Interface Guidelines along the way. Additional MacBook Air devices will be available for attendees with only iPad devices.


Devices: Apple MacBooks, Apple iPads
Software: FileMaker Pro 13 & FileMaker Go iOS App



Protecting yourself, your data and your privacy in a digital world.
Presenter: Jonathan Carr, Apple

Location: Jenness Soderberg Lecture Hall


Leveraging tools like iCloud Keychain, learn how to protect your online data using strong, unique passwords. Learn how Two-step verification can keep your Apple ID and personal information as secure as possible. Ensure your important data is backed up using technologies like iCloud, Time Machine or CrashPlan PROe.


Devices: Apple MacBooks, Apple iPads
Software: iOS 8.3 or later, OS X Yosemite 10.10.3 or later, CrashPlan PROe (included with MLTI MacBook Air)



Making Games Juicy with Graphics
Presenter: Tim Hart, Apple

Location: Jenness 106 (was Jenness 116)


Game design starts with an idea. The idea is shaped and sculpted into a game. The game designer needs expertise from many fields to be successful. Coding, art, music, writing, and math skills are just a few that are put to use. In this session, we are going to look at the best way to make a satisfying game: make it juicy. Juicy things wobble, bounce around, and make little cute noises. Juicy is a catch-all phrase for the things that make a game more satisfying to interact with. Using a variety of tools, we will create customized graphics for a few popular games, make them juicy, and surprise and delight the player.


Devices: Apple MacBooks, Apple iPads
Software: Art Studio, Acorn, Xcode



Hearthstone! Angry Birds! Threes!  Let''s make a game in Unity
Presenter: Mike Preble, United Technologies Center

Location: Neville 100


We want to teach you how to make a full-featured video game in a fun, easy to learn, and FREE game engine - Unity!

Unity powers games like Hearthstone, Angry Birds, Threes, Rust and Tetris Ultimate.  We want to help you learn how to make the next big game while learning coding, art, and how to work with other great people!


Devices: HP ProBooks, Apple MacBooks

Software: Unity3D


Race Cars in School?  The Aspire Higher Race Car Team
Presenters: Jessica McGreevy, Oxford Hills Middle School, along with the following students representing the Aspire Higher Race Car Team: Abbie Kenney, Ravenjade White-Rainey, Duncan Hurd, Christian Wynott, and Dennis McAllister

Location: Bennett 137


The Aspire Higher Race Car Team at Oxford Hills Middle School is revolutionizing education.  The members of the team are thirty five middle schoolers that are designing, building, financing, marketing and racing a pro-late model race car.  Middle schoolers have been responsible for every aspect of the car from designing and building the car, advertising for and hiring a driver to launching a $15,000 IndieGoGo campaign to help fund the car.  This session will focus on the Technology, Graphic Design and Public Relations teams that will discuss the race car project and how they have used their MLTI devices in order to support the team's goals.  The students will discuss web design, graphic design and filming and producing a video to launch their IndieGoGo campaign. 


Learn more about the student's IndieGoGo Campaign


Devices: Apple iPads, HP ElitePads, HP ProBooks, Apple MacBooks

Software: iMovie, Google Sites, Acorn


3D Printing
Presenter: Keith Kelley, RSU #19

Location: Neville 101


Have you wanted to learn how to print from the Virtual World to the Real One? Learn how to use tools (Sketchup, Thingiverse, Makerbot Printshop) to create your own projects using a 3D Printer.


Devices: Apple iPad, HP ProBook
Software: Sketchup, Makerbot Desktop, Makerbot Printshop (ipad), Modo (ipad), Thingiverse, Tinkercad


Interactive Presentations 2.0 with Office Mix
Presenter: Kofi Bawuah, HP - Micorsoft

Location: DP Corbett 115


Have you ever wanted to take your presentations to the next level? We would like to show you a tool that allow you to design and create presentations in a whole new way.  Office Mix is a free plugin that allows you to convey your presentations using video, digital ink, polls and other interactive media to express your message in new and creative ways—all with tools you already know how to use!  Join this session to learn how to access and use this free tool for you HP-MLTI device.


Devices: HP ProBooks, HP ElitePads

Software: Microsoft Powerpoint, Office Mix Plugin

Explore with Sphero Robotic Ball
Presenter: Julie Willcott, Foxcroft Academy

Location: Jenness Hall Soderberg Lobby

Sphero is a robotic ball you control with your iPad.  You determine its speed, its direction, and even its color.


In this session you will learn how to control the Sphero.  You will have the chance to complete challenges such as running a maze, moving through a terrain park, and avoiding zombies.

You can create art work by driving the Sphero through paint.  And you can explore writing code for the Sphero.


Device: Apple iPads

Software: Sphero, The Rolling Dead for iPad, Sphero MacroLab, orbBasic for Sphero


Animation Creation with your Google Account
Presenter: Kern Kelley, RSU #19

Location: Murray 102


Learn how to make a cartoons for your next homework assignment or just for fun. In this session we walk through the steps of using your Google account to make an animation.


Devices: HP ProBooks, Apple MacBooks, HP ElitePads

Software: Web Browser, Google Account