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Research & Evaluation Reports



BRIEF: Spring 2013 Teacher Survey - MEPRI/MLTI Middle and High School Technology Report

Early Observations of High School Deployment of One-to-One Technology: A Qualitative Look at One-to-One Computing in Maine High Schools



August: A Middle School One-to-One Laptop Program: The Maine Experience

ARRA Case Studies: Open Educational Resources in Mathematics Professional Development Project


December: EcoScienceWorks: Teacher Professional Development Through a Collaborative Curriculum Project – an Example of TPACK in Maine (By Walter C. Allan, Jeryl L. Erickson, Phil Brookhouse, and Judith L. Johnson)

November: Data in Action: 2010 MLTI Fall Survey Results Slides | Webinar Recording

October: Place-Based Education and Geographic Information Systems: Enhancing
the Spatial Awareness of Middle School Students in Maine
(By Nancy Perkins; Eric Hazelton; Jeryl Erickson; Walter Allan)



March: Research Evaluation of the Maine Learning Technology

February: Using Laptops to Facilitate Middle School Science Learning: The Results of Hard Fun

February: Improving Mathematics Performance Using Laptop Technology: The Importance of Professional Development for Success



February: Using Technology in Helping Students Achieve 21st Century Skills: A Pilot Study

March: Maine's Impact Study of Technology in Mathematics (MISTM)

December: 21st Century Teaching and Learning: An Assessment of Student Website Evaluation Skills


October: Maine's Middle School Laptop Program: Creating Better Writers - Research Brief



February: Laptop Use By Seventh Grade Students with Disabilities:Perceptions of Sp. Ed. Teachers

February: The Impact of Maine's One-to-One Laptop Program on Middle School Teachers and Students

February: One-to-one laptops in a High School Environment - Piscataquis Community High School Study

May: Trading Roles - Teachers and Students Learn with Technology




March: The Maine Learning Technology Initiative: Teacher, Student, and School Perspectives Mid-Year Evaluation Report

April: Early Evidence from the Field: The Maine Learning Technology Initiative - Impact on Students and Learning




















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