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Historical Information & Documents

  • Establishment of MLTE in Maine Statute: Maine Public Laws 2001, chapter 358, section II-2 [ 120th Legislature, First Regular Session]
    MLTE Statute
    (47 KB)
  • Final Report of the Task Force on the Maine Learning Technology Endowment, January, 2001: Teaching and Learning for Tomorrow: A Learning Technology Plan for Maine’s Future
    • The Task Force on the Maine Learning Technology Endowment, which was established in the Second Regular Session of the 199th Legislature by Public Law 1999, Chapter 731, Part FFF, Sec. FFF-2, was charged to create a learning technology plan to prepare students for a future economy that will rely heavily on technology and innovation. This report provides the detail of their findings and recommendations.
    • MLTE Task Force Report (340 KB)
  • Request For Proposals: Maine Learning Technology Wireless Classroom Solution, September 14, 2001, RFP #901001.
  • Request for Proposals, Payroll Services for Temporary Resources, RFP #201205322

  • Request for Proposals, Multi-State Learning Technology Initiative, RFP #201210412





MLTI Project Office



MLTI Project Office

Maine Department of Education

23 State House Station

Augusta ME 04333

(P) 207-624-6746 (F) 1-877-494-MLTI (6584)






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