Checklist for Preparing for IBB

  1. Employer and Union representatives meet to agree to use IBB.
  2. They meet with their members to inform them about IBB.
  3. They meet to select a facilitator.
  4. They each obtain training from their advocacy organizations or from the facilitator if none is available otherwise.
  5. They meet with their members to discuss issues for bargaining.
  6. They mutually prepare the statistical data they anticipate they will need.
  7. They select a meeting place, and schedule meeting dates.
  8. They arrange for refreshments and meals to be provided at the meeting site.
  9. They arrange for two easels, markers, masking tape, and newsprint.
  10. They decide who will be responsible for each arrangement.
  11. They decide who will be the note takers at the meetings, and who will prepare the tentative agreements for signatures.
  12. They decide impasse procedures.