The MLRB's New Billing Procedure

Effective immediately, the Maine Labor Relations Board is adopting several changes to the procedures used to bill parties for MLRB-related services. In general, Maine’s public-sector labor relations laws require that parties share the responsibility for the costs of certain services provided by the Board and its affiliates, including the Panel of Mediators (Panel) and the Board of Arbitration and Conciliation (BAC). Such services include Board or BAC hearings, as well as all mediations conducted by members of the Panel. Historically, the Board directly billed parties for these services.

Recently, the State of Maine’s Department of Administrative and Financial Services (DAFS) has begun providing the Board with assistance in billing for MLRB services. While parties will continue to receive bills for their share of these services, several adjustments have been implemented for the MLRB’s billing procedure. These include:

  1. All bills will be mailed to the parties by DAFS. Each package from DAFS will include a letter and invoice from the MLRB, along with a perforated payment form from DAFS. Parties should make sure to include the DAFS payment form when they submit their payment.

  2. Bills will no longer use a numerical invoice number. Instead, each invoice number will be based on the MLRB case number, with a designation indicating the party who is receiving that invoice. For example, a union who is a party to a mediation assigned case number 20-MED-15 (indicating the fifteenth mediation request in FY 20) will receive an invoice number of 20-MED-15-U.

  3. Parties should make their checks payable to:  Treasurer, State of Maine.

  4. Along with the DAFS payment form, parties should return their payments directly to DAFS. The DAFS mailing address is:

  5. Security and Employment Service Center
    Station 108
    Attn: Brittany Burnham
    Augusta, ME 04330-0108

Please note that if you previously received an invoice that directs you to return your payment to the MLRB, you can still submit your payment to the MLRB and your payment will be processed. However, if you receive an MLRB invoice requesting you provide payment to DAFS as noted above, please follow the new instructions noted in that invoice and described above.

Please contact the MLRB staff at (207) 287-2015 with any questions. If you have a question directly related to the payment of an invoice, please contact Carole Colby, Managing Staff Accountant at DAFS, (207) 623-6705.