Prohibited Practice Complaint Checklist

(For your own use--do not submit to the Board)

The rules concerning prohibited practice complaints are contained in Chapter 12 of the MLRB Rules and Procedures. Specific sections of that Chapter are referred to below. This checklist is intended as merely a guideline to help you make sure that you have included the required information.

  • Is your complaint based on an action that occurred within 6 months of filing the complaint with the Board and serving a copy of it on the other party? § 3.
  • Did you include your name, title and address and the name, title and address of the party being complained of? §5(1) & §5(2).
  • Did you prepare a clear and concise statement of the facts supporting the complaint set out in separate numbered paragraphs? Does it include dates, places and names of people involved for each particular act alleged?§ 5(4). YOU DO NOT NEED TO SUBMIT EXHIBITS OR AFFIDAVITS WITH YOUR COMPLAINT. The concise statement of facts should contain all of the details needed to describe the act or conduct which you are claiming is a violation of the statute.
  • Did you indicate the sections/subsections of the statute violated?§ 5(4).
  • Did you include in the complaint a claim for relief? § 5(5). (That is, what action you want the Board to take to cure the problem described in your complaint.)
  • Did you include a signature on the form, certifying under penalty of law that the contents are true and correct? § 4.
  • Did you serve a copy of the complaint, including the concise statement of facts and a copy of the collective bargaining agreement at issue (if any), on the party being complained of and get proof of that service as required by § 6?
  • Did you submit to the Board the 1) complaint form, 2) the concise statement of facts and 3) the collective bargaining agreement at issue? § 5.
  • Did you submit to the Board proof that a copy was served on the other party? If not, have you made sure you can produce the proof of service if required to do so by the Board? § 6